Cincinnati Bell Internet: Speeds, Prices and New Projects


If you live in the Cincinnati area, consider using Cincinnati Bell Internet services — they have some of the fastest speeds in town, and offer deals particulars attractive for sports fans. Here’s what you can expect.

Cincinnati Bell Internet: ZoomTown Internet

Cincinnati Bell divides its Internet offerings into two general packages, based on speed, each with several levels. The ZoomTown packages offers the lowest Internet speeds possible in two different possible tiers. When you see the ZoomTown label, know that it doesn’t refer to any particular feature or deal, it’s just a name for these different Internet speed options.

First there is 2Mbps Internet speed for downloads and 768Kbps for uploads. You can get this most basic package for $14.99 per month to start. Second, there is a tier for 5Mbps downloads and 768Kbps uploads, which you can get for $24.99 per month as an introductory rate.

ZoomTown isn’t ideal for the average household. Those 2-5Mbps speeds aren’t enough to watch high definition videos, for example, and you may find other computer-oriented tasks difficult or impossible with such low tiers. ZoomTown is primarily for people who don’t the Internet for anything but basic tasks, like checking email and looking up information on Google. Senior citizens, for example, may find it ideally suited to their needs, and of course choosing lower speeds can save a lot of money.

Fioptics Internet

Fioptics is the other offering from Cincinnati Bell Internet. Like ZoomTown, it is divided into tiers — the primary difference is the name, and that all Fioptics tiers have higher Internet speeds. The reason the two are separated is that with Fioptics, you also get the opportunity to bundle services like TV.

Here speeds are divided in 10, 20, 30, 50, and 100Mbps for downloads, and anywhere between 1Mbps and 20Mbps for uploads. That’s a very, very large range and suitable for many different uses, and it’s no surprise that these tiers also come with wide range of prices. The lowest tier, 10Mbps, is $35 per month as an introductory rate, while the highest tier of 100Mbps is $55 per month.

Cincinnati Bell claims that the top tier is the highest Internet speed you can get in the city, and it’s suitable for larger, very online families who love their streaming services. Otherwise, a lower tier can meet most needs

Note that you receive a number of extra services for BOTH ZoomTown and Fioptics. This includes free home Wi-Fi, as well as connections to all Cincinnati Bell Wi-Fi hotspots — there are currently about 200 of them in the city. You also get 2GB of storage for backup purposes, and free email accounts to use. Additionally, you will need to pay a $5 monthly modem fee that isn’t included in any of the rate information, so tack this onto your budget.

Another important note about Fioptics — many of the tiers have special deals included when you choose them. For example, pick one of the top tiers and you get free access to ESPN3, a special broadband services that is made available free of charge and allows you to watch a wide variety of live games and additional sports coverage. This may make Fioptics particularly valuable for sports fans.

1GB Speeds

The big new service when it comes to Cincinnati Bell Internet speeds is 1Gbps, a speed that’s 10x faster than even the top tier offered in current Fioptics packages. These types of speeds are only available in very select locations around the United States (such as Google Fiber projects) but their use is slowly growing as infrastructure is updated.

Cincinnati Bell does indeed offer 1Gbps speeds, and at a special price of $70 per months as an introductory rate. Because this is such a new service, it is only available in certain areas, which is why it is important to check availability in your location before making any decisions. CB is working to expand coverage for 1GB services, so this is certainly an ongoing project.

Business Internet

CB does offer business Internet services as well. These are much like residential services and include both ZoomTown and Fioptics rates. However, business services also include a number of other abilities, such as VOIP and similar features that allow you to customize your Internet service to match your needs.

What Do You Need?

Note that all the prices mentioned here are for Internet only services. Bundling with TV will, of course, cost you more overall, but you also have the potential to save money on Internet. If you aren’t sure what package or speed that you want, Cincinnati Bell provides a handy chart to compare services. This shows you speeds, prices for Internet only and bundles, and information on how quickly you can download HD movies with the speed, which is very useful for comparison.

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