Cincinnati Bell Fiber Optics: Thinking About it?

Cincinnati Bell Fiber Optics

Cincinnati Bell is one of the oldest telecommunications companies in the United States, officially incorporated in 1873. Their long history of innovation and service continues to this day, with services including Wireless Internet, Home Phone, Cable TV, Energy, Home Security and their latest offering, Cincinnati Bell Fiber Optics.

What is Fiber Optics?

Fiber-optic lines have proved revolutionary in the provision of high-quality Internet, Phone and Cable TV, as well as being central to many medical and mechanical imaging technologies. Fiber optic lines are strands of pure glass as thin as human hair that transmits digital information at high speeds, and over long distances. Bundled into optical cables containing thousands of fiber optic strands, information is transmitted as light signals.

Compared with traditional copper wire, optical cables offer distinct advantages: they are lighter, thinner, less expensive to make, nonflammable, offer less signal degradation (which means clearer reception), have a higher information-carrying capacity, use less power to run and are perfectly suited for transmitting digital information.

Cincinnati Bell Fiber Optics: Fioptics

“Fioptics” is the product name for Cincinnati Bell fiber optic services. Because the provision of fiber optic products depends on the presence of an optical cable network, Fioptics is not available in all the areas that other Cincinnati Bell products and services are. However, there are extensive optical cable networks in place across the three states (Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana) where their services are available. To find out if Fioptics is available in your area and for current pricing, simply type your address details into our Digital Landing Deals tool.

Fioptics Television

Cincinnati Bell Fiber Optics provides crystal clear Cable TV over its optical cable network. Their 100-percent digital service comes with the provision of a central DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that can be used with multiple television sets, with over 500GB of storage space. Fioptics television services come in three levels of subscription:

  • Preferred Package: Starting at just under $55 per month, this package gives 140 channels, 60 of which are in HD, on-demand movies and television shows, as well as access to pay-per-view events.
  • Elite Package: Offers over 285 channels, 90 of which are HD and 46 channels are commercial free. The package includes on-demand access, and starts at just under $65 monthly.
  • Max Package: For real television aficionados, with over 400 channels, 120 of which are HD, 46 commercial free, 65 movie channels, free NFL RedZone and on-demand movies and television access. This all-out package starts from just under $110 per month.

“Fioptics TV Everywhere” is another television service offered by Cincinnati Bell that provides movies and television shows live streamed to your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Fioptics Internet

Fioptics Internet provide High Speed Internet over its optical cable network, and packages include wireless networking in the home, online backup for your data, and five email accounts, as well as access to over 350 free wireless hotspots around Cincinnati. There are five Fioptics packages available:

10Mbps – Gives users wireless networking, unlimited online backup of data, free installation, download speeds of up to 10Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 1Mbps. While this is the slowest of the fiber optic packages, it is still a speed that should never see you needing to wait for a video to buffer again. The package starts at under $30 per month.

20Mbps – The 20 Mbps package is the same as the 10 Mbps package except that the download and upload speeds are doubled. This is ideal if you have a lot of users in the house who all want to download and surf the net at the same time without encountering speed problems. This package will set you back under $40 per month.

30Mbps – The 30 Mbps package is perfect if you need to be able to send large files fast, so if you are working from home it is ideal. The services features are the same as the two previous packages, but with 30 Mbps download speeds and 5 Mbps upload speeds. The package starts at under $50 per month.

50 and 100 Mbps – These two packages offer the fastest internet around, with unbelievable speeds. For the 100 Mbps package you are looking at a monthly fee just under $250, and the 50 Mbps package will set you back just under $60 per month.

Can I Bundle Fioptics?

Cincinnati Bell Fiber Optics is available in “bundled” packages, and bundling your services usually ends up being cheaper than simply getting two services separately. Cincinnati Bell offers a “build your own bundle” service, which allows you to pick and choose the services you want to combine, and receive discounted rates on.

You can also bundle a Fioptics product with another non-fiber optic product from the company, such as mobile or home phone. For example, if you want the 10Mbps Internet package and the Preferred TV package, this bundle will cost just under $80 per month. Whereas, buying each individual service would cost you around $100 per month.

How Do I Get Cincinnati Bell Fiber Optics?

Receiving Cincinnati Bell Fiber Optics services depends on your residence being within the optical cable network, so the first step to getting your Fioptic connection is to check the availability in your area. This can be done on the Digital Landing Deals page, by entering your address. After that, you can choose the package or services you want. There is no dish required, so installation is relatively simple. The technicians are also trained to take you through the operation of your new services, so any lingering questions can be answered before you are left to enjoy the fiber optic experience.

Photo Credit: Jhusband