Cincinnati Bell Customer Service: Guides, Classes and More


Cincinnati Bell customer service options can help you quickly contact support staff — or solve a problem by yourself with the many online guides that CB offers. You can also access online classes, FAQs, and more.

Cincinnati Bell Customer Service: Online Support Services

If you have trouble or questions for Cincinnati Bell, your first step should be a visit to the customer support webpage that CB has set up. As far as Internet provider online help goes, this page is one of the better attempts, and you should use that advantage as quickly as possible.

First, there is the virtual assistant, a handy feature if you aren’t sure what you are looking for. Bella, the virtual assistant in question, is an interactive program that will walk you through various topics so you can swiftly find what you are looking for among topics like Fioptics and ZoomTown, the two primary options for Internet speeds that CB offers.

You can also use Bella to peruse a variety of instructional and troubleshooting videos. Videos in this context are particularly handy, because they show exactly what ports are the right ones, what buttons do the job you want, and where all those codes are located, as well as more complicated tasks.

But Bella isn’t the only thing that the Cincinnati Bell customer service page offers. You can also look up information the old school way, by choose a general topic and then exploring categories of troubleshooting text and problems. If online support isn’t your thing, then you can find links on this page to contact via phone, request repairs, transfer your service, or check order status, among other abilities. There’s also a space to log in and pay your bill.

Welcome Guides

If you are new Cincinnati Bell customer services, you should definitely take some time to stop by the welcome guides. This is a collection of guides specifically for new customers, and they are separated out based on location. There are guides for Cincinnati, Dayton, Mason, Lebanon, and a general guide for Fioptics.

These guides are PDFs that take you through the services and important basics. They give you all the customer service numbers that you can use for more information or repair questions. They also include any of the latest updates on features and services, such as going paperless or using Cincinnati Bell Energy.

The guides include a fair amount of advertisement, but they also delve deep into specific services and exactly what to expect from them, as well as how to use a variety of more complex features. It’s a very handy resource to have online whenever you need it, and it can be used curious consumers as well as current customers.

Cincinnati Bell University

The “University” is a lot like an interactive, vide-based version of the welcome guides. Register for the University and you get access to a plethora of online classes and videos about how to use any of the CB devices and services. There are 22 classes for digital TV, 5 classes for Internet, and one class for using your home phone.

These classes take you through tutorials, step by steps, for many tasks, Unsure of how to pick out channels on your TV? There’s a guide for that. Need help to hook up specific equipment? There’s a class for that, too. Learn how to set up your Internet, how to back up data, how to access home calling services, and much more.

These classes are great if you don’t have experience with a particular device or service and want to learn more (without hassling any relatives or going through a lengthy service call).

The FAQs

If you have a very specific question about services that you want to know, particularly before making a call to customer service directly, stop by the Account FAQ page. These are all the answers to questions that customers are in the habit of asking, and can save you a lot of time. Here you can find out more about how to create an account, how to change services, how to add associate accounts and more.

However, this is not the only FAQ page that CB has. There’s also an FAQ section exploring wired and wireless devices and high speed Internet if you were thinking about upgrading your services.