Christmas Movies Streaming on Netflix This December


In November, we wrote an article about the top 20 holiday movies that were already streaming on Netflix. Most of the picks from November’s list are still available. Now that December is here, Netflix has added several new holiday titles to their streaming catalog, so we’ve created a new list to let you know about the top 17 new Christmas movies streaming on Netflix in December.

17 Christmas Movies Streaming on Netflix

As the big day draws near, be certain to consult both lists as you gather your family and friends to view old and new holiday favorites!

Christmas Comedy

Ho-Ho-Ho! These films are certain to bring out the laughter and merriment of the holidays!

Christmas Movies Streaming on Netflix - ScroogedScrooged (1988). Bill Murray and Karen Allen star in this comedic take on Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, with Murray playing the part of Scrooge. In this adaptation, Murray’s version of Scrooge is a heartless TV Executive who is visited by the three proverbial spirits of Christmas. While you may think you know how this story will go, Murray might just surprise you.

Chasing Christmas (2005). Featuring Tom Arnold and Andrea Roth, the plot is a take off of Dicken’s classic tale with Arnold cast as a modern day Scrooge who just can’t get into the holidays after his ex-wife cheated on him on the big day. Will Christmas spirits be able to help him embrace the magic of the season?

Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas (2011). In this Disney feature, part of the Duncan family gets separated as they prepare to fly to Palm Springs for the holiday. Will they be reunited in time for Christmas?

The Vicar of Dibley Christmas Specials (2006). Starring Dawn French as the vicar from the popular series, Geraldine and the town of Dibley are just getting into the spirit of the season when everything gets turned upside down by a handsome stranger’s marriage proposal. Will the town lose their boisterous and beloved vicar?

Christmas Drama

If you prefer some twists and turns in plot, and possibly a few tender moments and tears, we’ve got you covered with these holiday-themed dramas!

Christmas Town (2008). Starring Nicole de Boer and Patrick Muldoon, the plot of this heartwarming story is centered around a struggling single mother who must find a way to leave the worries of her work behind and reconnect with her son and father during Christmas.

The Fitzgerald Family Christmas (2012). This film seeks to answer the age old axiom – can you ever really go home – when a father announces his decision to return to the family home 20 years after he left his wife and children. Is the spirit of the season strong enough to heal everyone’s hearts?

Christmas Family

Isn’t it great to sit down and watch a great film with your entire family, regardless of everyone’s ages? Check out one of these films with your family, there is something for every taste!

Adventures of Bailey: Christmas Hero (2012). Two puppy brothers, Bailey and Duke, get on the wrong side of Santa, and start to fear they might not get any presents this year, and so they embark on a series of misadventures trying to get back into Santa’s good graces.

Christmas Movies Streaming on Netflix - 12 Dates of ChristmasChristmas with a Capital C (2011). Starring Ted McGinley and Daniel Baldwin, in a film about a small Alaskan town that must fight off a Scrooge like lawyer so that they can continue their public Christmas traditions.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas (1998). Stars Johnathan Taylor Thomas as a shallow college student that wants to get home for the holiday to collect his gift, a Porsche, but winds up losing his money and is stranded in the desert. Can he find his way back home and learn the true meaning of Christmas in the process?

12 Dogs of Christmas: Great Puppy Rescue(2012). Starring Sean Patrick Flanery and set in the 1930s, inspired teens concoct a plan to save their local puppy pound when it’s threaten with closure at Christmas.

What She Wants for Christmas (2012). 10 year old Abigail gets upset when Santa brings her the wrong gift – so she kidnaps him! Will Santa get free in time to deliver the rest of his gifts?

Christmas Romance

What’s better during the holiday season than cuddling up with your love to watch a film that is certain to put a twinkle in their eyes?

Christmas Bounty (2013). This film stars Francia Raisa as a school teacher struggling to keep her past life as a bounty hunter a secret from her fiance. Will she succeed? Will he still love her if he find out?

A Christmas Wedding (2013). Vivica A. Fox and Miguel A. Núñez Jr. star in this lighthearted comedy about an engaged couple whose Christmas wedding plans are derailed when the bride to be’s family shows up. Will the wedding still go on despite the antics of dramatic family members?

Christmas Movies Streaming on Netflix - 12 Dates of Christmas12 Dates of Christmas (2011). Amy Smart stars as a Kate, who is set up on a blind date where everything goes wrong, except for the date himself, who turns out to be Mr. Perfect. Wouldn’t it be great if Kate got a second chance – or 12? Will 12 dates be enough for Kate to get it right?

Holiday Engagement (2011). Stars Bonnie Somerville as Hillary, who hires an actor to pretend to be her boyfriend when she returns to the family home for the holidays. Will Hillary’s fantasy romance turn into the real thing?

Christmas Musicals

Lady Gaga and the Muppets Holiday (2013). Enjoy the zany skits, celebrity appearances and sing and dance along with Lady Gaga and your favorite muppets as they groove to music from Lady Gaga’s album ArtPop.

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular (2007). Have a song and dance filled holiday with this Christmas celebration from the Rockettes and other entertainers at Radio City Music Hall!

All in all, there are a total of 37 Christmas movies streaming on Netflix for the holidays when you add our lists for November and December. Compare both our lists and share your favorites in the comments section below!

Photo Credit: Craig Pennington