Choosing a Cell Phone Portable Charger Based on Your Needs


If you are on the go a lot, you’ve probably already experienced the pain and inconvenience of having your smartphone die just when you need it the most. That’s why a cell phone portable charger can literally be a lifesaver as they can help you to stay connected regardless of where you might be. Choosing the perfect charger for your needs can be a bit difficult, but we are here to help with this overview of the best portable cell phone chargers.

Cell Phone Portable Chargers

The following are our best picks for traditional portable cell phone chargers, with a variety of price points and features so that there is a unit to meet the needs of most users.

IOGear Portable Power Station

Plug this device into your computer and charge it via the mini USB port. The unit holds it’s charge for a relatively long time, and you can use it on your most power hungry smartphone about four times before you will need to recharge the battery. This portable cell phone charger wins in terms of price and convenience. The unit is around $45 and has two USB ports, so that you can charge two devices at once. It’s main drawback is it’s weight, which comes in just over 10 ounces.

Zendure A2 Portable Charger

This compact and highly durable cell phone portable charger is small and lightweight, weighing a little over 8 ounces, and will fit perfectly in a pocket or carry on bag. The battery holds a charge on standby for up to 6 months, so you can rely on it to have the juice that you need to quickly restore your phone or other digital device. You can even recharge the unit’s battery and your cellphone at the same time. Priced around $35, it’s the perfect choice for travelers that will need to recharge their phones in hotels, airports or cafes.

Lepow Poki Ultra-Slim External Battery Pack

This small charger packs a big punch, with a 2.1A output that provides an ultra fast charging time for your cell phone. The unit is small enough to slide in your pocket with your smartphone and weighs just under 5 ounces. The case is a stylish metallic pastel hue and is available for just under $30, making it the perfect choice for the fashion and budget conscious.

RAVPower Xtreme Portable External Battery Charger

Weighing in at just under 20 ounces, this is easily the heaviest charger that we recommend – but despite it’s weight, it’s functionality can’t be beat if you have multiple devices to charge. With 3 USB ports you can charge your smartphone and two other devices at the same time, including your tablet, laptop, digital camera or other device. The LCD display lets you know how much charge you have left in the unit, as well as the amount of voltage on output. At $100 it’s a bit pricey, but worth the investment if you travel with multiple devices.

Solar Powered Cell Phone Chargers

A solar powered cell phone charger is perfect for anyone that is searching for tech options that are sustainable and less damaging to the environment. This type of charger is also the best for those who might have limited access to traditional electric or battery powered options, such as backpackers, campers, and boating enthusiasts. The following are our best picks for this category of portable chargers.

Bushnell Mini Solar Wrap

This solar charger is perfect for travelers, as its lightweight and can be rolled up for easy portability. Just unroll it and hang it where the solar panels can absorb rays from the sun, such as your backpack, tent or even the back window of your car. Once the charger’s battery is fully charged, just connect your cell phone or other device via the USB cable to quickly restore power. This charger is versatile as it charges cell phones, digital cameras, GPS units and MP3 players. The unit only weighs about 3 ounces, and users can find it for around $60.

Secur Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger and Light

This charger uses a handy carabiners clip so that you can attach it and gather solar energy on the go. Users can then use the USB to charge their cell phones, and a mini USB port will connect the charger to your computer or laptop. In addition to charging your devices, it also provides a handy LED flashlight and room light to help you see in the dark. It’s available for around $35 and weighs about a half of a pound.

Voltaic Amp

This is a great choice if you are traveling for an extended period and need to be able to store the sun’s energy. It features a rugged design which is perfect for use in isolated areas where your life may literally depend on your ability to keep your cell phone and other devices charged. The unit unzips to reveal two charging panels which you can lay flat on the ground to soak up the energy, or you can hang it from it’s loops as well. The panels and case are waterproof as well, making it perfect for a land or sea expedition. The unit also has indicator lights to let you know how much of a charge that you currently have, and if you have placed it in a position to optimally capture the sun’s energy. It weighs a bit over a pound, so it’s a bit heavy if you adhere to a minimalist backpacker’s philosophy, but it can’t be beat for reliability and durability. Users can find this solar charge for around $99.

Of course, if you don’t already have a cell phone, this list might not be of much use – so why not check out our list of top smartphones given as gifts this Christmas for ideas on the best cell phone to select for your needs? Please let us know about your experience in the comments section below if you’ve used any of our picks for best cell phone chargers.