Charter vs AT&T U-verse: Features Comparison

Charter vs AT&T U-verse

Those looking for a new Internet service provider are faced with a very important question: Who to choose in the Charter vs AT&T Uverse showdown? Both Charter and AT&T U-verse offer similar services, and both are run by very reputable companies.

Charter vs AT&T U-verse

Let’s dig a little deeper to see what major differences we can uncover.

Deeper Look at Charter

Charter was founded in 1993 and has grown in the two decades since it began. It now boasts 5.7 million customers within 29 U.S. states. Billions of dollars have been invested in the communities in which Charter offers their services, and they’ve seen upgrades in video quality, Phone Service, and High Speed Internet for personal use and businesses.

Charter uses the power of a two-way, interactive digital cable plan to provide a plethora of advanced broadband services. Some of the services that they provide for residential customers include Charter Internet, Advanced Charter TV, and Phone Service.

Deeper Look at AT&T U-Verse

AT&T is another reputable company with many things available under the umbrella of services that they provide.¬†U-Verse is a relatively new product in comparison to the other services provided by AT&T, but it’s already expanded and improved in order to offer various high quality services. AT&T U-Verse is a fiber-optic networking system that can be used for Digital TV, Home Phone, and High Speed Internet.

Comparing Television Services

AT&T offers access to over 185 channels, as well as their On Demand programs, and every day they add more to their coverage. U-Verse TV packages come with U-Verse TV, U-Verse apps, and, which gives you three ways to use your television service, effectively allowing you to watch anything you want on any device that’s capable of streaming television.

ATT U-verse vs CharterThe picture quality is 100-percent digital, and brings you 720 lines of resolution, progressive scan(p) and 1080 interlaced scanning(i) for linear and On Demand programs. The use of the latest encoding technology allows AT&T to bring its customers the best picture quality available. For those that need help, there is a Help-On-Demand feature that allows access instantly to a variety of helpful clips that the customer can use to get everything out of their service.

AT&T U-Verse has its own exclusive wireless receiver that allows customers to watch TV in any room of their home. It also comes with a DVR that is capable of recording up to four shows at the same time on the same DVR device. If you’re not at home and forgot to set it to record, you can use your mobile phone to do it. AT&T Multiview allows you to watch up to four television shows at the same time. It also has interactive seasonal applications, Weather On Demand, and AT&T Media Share.

Charter TV offers over 125 channels and Free HD. Charter OnDemand gives access to over 1,000 On Demand shows and movies, including a few in 3D. Smartphone owners are capable of taking Charter TV service with them wherever they go, meaning you can take advantage of your Cable TV service when away from home. They also offer a Charter DVR that can be installed on up to four televisions and can store up to 780 hours of footage.

Comparing Internet Services

AT&T has been providing Internet for a long enough time to have built a competitive edge. Their wireless service is strong enough that they can almost guarantee that there won’t be any dead spots within your home that don’t allow you to access the wireless service, and they offer a safeguard to stop others from accessing your Internet from outside of your home. Their wireless equipment also comes with four Ethernet ports, if you’d prefer to access the Internet through wired LAN connections. AT&T Mail Plus comes free with AT&T Internet, and allows up to ten email accounts with nearly unlimited storage space.

Charter InternetThese email accounts come with AT&T Messenger, which allows you to Instant Message other AT&T customers, as well as video and voice chat. AT&T Internet Security Suite powered by McAfee comes with the Internet service, which includes a SpamGuard as well as anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection. AT&T Internet Security Suite also allows Parental Controls to be set so that you can see what your children are viewing online and block unwanted content. AT&T Internet Services comes at a variety of speeds, and prices vary depending in which one you choose.

Charter Internet has a strong bandwidth connection that allows multiples devices to browse the internet at the same time. You can stream videos, download music, and do other things at the same time without losing quality of performance. It also comes with its own detection software through Charter Security Suite that detects viruses, spam, and stops hackers.

All in all, the Charter vs AT&T U-verse question is one that’s difficult to answer when everything is considered. They both offer excellent service plans and quality of service (QoS). However, professional ranking sites do place Charter’s Internet service higher than AT&T’s because they offer faster speeds.