Centurylink Prism TV Offers Convenience

CenturyLink Prism TV 2

Do you love convenience, technological ease and lucrative promotional offers? Then you will probably be excited to try CenturyLink Prism, an innovative technological service that combines television, Internet and phone all at the same time. Many clients would be happy to learn that CenturyLink’s Prism TV will completely change their TV experience, transforming it into a more pleasurable, sophisticated and entertaining.

How exactly does CenturyLink Prism TV function? According to the company, CenturyLink Prism TV is a “100-percent digital TV service, offering local, premium and high-definition channels delivered over the communications company’s advanced, managed network. Prism is built on an interactive platform, where updates are made automatically to offer customers a better combination of TV entertainment features compared to cable and satellite.”

Facebook, Sports and More

CenturyLink enhances the range of services that it can provide to the viewer. It brings some of the world’s most advanced and sophisticated TV features right to your home and screen. Through Prism, you can take advantage of innovative interactive features, such as Find-it-Fast Navigation, Warp-Speed Channel Change and Whole Home DVR. Once new features and channels become available, Prism will update them automatically at no additional cost to subscribers. One of Prism TV’s most recent updates is its viewers’ ability to access Facebook, Yahoo! Fantasy Sports, the Weather Channel and Picasa right on their TV screen.

The Weather Channel - CenturyLink Prism TVThe Weather Channel application provides viewers with real-time access to current weather conditions, severe weather alerts, hourly forecasts and more.

Facebook fans will be glad to access the application at any time on their screen. They can check out people’s profiles, browse through albums, post status updates and keep their friends informed about what they’re currently watching.

Picasa lovers will have the chance to log into their account and view a slideshow of their favorite pictures.

Through Yahoo! Fantasy Sports, people will be able to track their team’s results and performance right on their TV screen.

Home Box Office and CenturyLink Prism TV

A new sophisticated feature that Prism TV offers to its customers is the launch of HBO GO and MAX GO. All customers who subscribe to HBO will have access to free, unlimited service on any U.S.-based computer device with a fast-speed connection and on other technological devices, including iPads, iPod touch, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Xbox 360, Samsung Smart TV and Roku.

This initiative is part of the ”TV Everywhere” concept with which CenturyLink is trying to associate itself. Customers are able to view their favorite films, TV shows and programs with the use of technologies other than their TV screen. HBO GO offers a plethora of viewing options and more than 1,400 titles available online. CenturyLink’s HBO subscribers will have the opportunity to immediately access and watch every episode of any TV show they want. For example, they can view original HBO content, as well as series of popular TV shows, including “Game of Thrones,” “True Blood” and “Boardwalk Empire.”

HBO’s sister service, MAX GO, gives viewers access to over 400 titles of top-notch Hollywood movies, dramas and hit series.

CenturyLink Prism TV provides innovative solutions through its Microsoft Mediaroom TV technology, one of the world’s best Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) platforms.

Microsoft Mediaroom Offers a Lot

Microsoft Mediaroom gives viewers the opportunity to enjoy sophisticated features such as an interactive dashboard and whole home DVR.

What are some of the other features that Microsoft Mediaroom brings to your home?

  • One-Touch Channel Favorites Setup: Subscribers can add their current channel to the ”favorites” menu by pressing the ”enter” button.
  • Last-Five Functionality: Now, subscribers can flip through the five most recent TV channels they have watched with a fast click on the ”last” button on their distant control. This feature is specifically useful to sports fans who want to keep track of several games or matches at the same time.
  • Additional sophisticated features that CenturyLink Prism TV provides include traditional HD channels and a technologically enhanced On Demand Library.

Due to its convenient services, innovative technological solutions and sophisticated features, CenturyLink Prism TV is becoming more and more popular among consumers. In fact, many have left their satellite TV and cable TV service providers and have adopted the services of CenturyLink Prism TV in the past months.

As it offers higher speed broadband services in chosen markets, CenturyLink has the intention to spend over $100 million on increasing and fortifying the Prism service. Enter your street address in the top right corner of this page and see if CenturyLink is available in your area, as well as which deals are being offered.