Caught Red-Handed by the Belkin NetCam HD


The Belkin NetCam HD will catch people red-handed. Which people will it catch red-handed? Anyone that’s doing something they shouldn’t be in front of your property.

Home security concerns are on the rise across the country these days. Video can help avert some of these concerns. Also, think your kids or the babysitter are misbehaving while you’re at work or out at dinner? A somewhat hidden webcam such as these could be just the ticket to help you discover what’s really going on.

Why Should You Use the Belkin NetCam?

Do you use a babysitter? Ever come home and found something out of place, but couldn’t quite put your finger on it? Maybe you’ve got a fairly regular babysitter and the kids say she’s being mean to them while you’re gone. There’s a reason that these cameras are getting the nickname “nanny cams.” Without one, it’s a matter of “he said/she said” and how do you know who is telling the truth? Just check the video.

You and your wife are snug in your bed late at night and you’re woken up by a loud “thump” downstairs or in another part of the house. What do you do? Call the police and hope that it is an intruder (but outside), so you aren’t charged for the call? Do you maybe grab a baseball bat and hope they don’t have something else or that there isn’t more than one burglar?

I have a better idea: Grab your cellphone, launch the Belkin NetCam HD app and tap directly into the video feeds from the cameras in that portion of the house and find out what’s going on. You can react in the most efficacious and safe manner after that.

The NetCam and NetCam HD Lineup from Belkin

There are four related products in the NetCam lineup created by Belkin. On the low price end of the spectrum is the Belkin NetCam Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision that runs about a hundred bucks. Next in line is the $130 Belkin NetCam HD Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision. For the same amount, you can buy the same camera with a glass lens. At the upper end of the price range is the NetCam HD and N300 Dual-Band W-Fi Range Extender Bundle. Now, let’s take a look at what these products can do.

Setup Is Quick and Easy

These cameras all operate using your existing Wi-Fi network. All you need is to download the mobile app to your device(s), plug the camera in, and make a few choices. Your camera is up and running quickly and easily. Conversely, you can plug a computer directly into a camera with an Ethernet cable and configure the camera. Also, since it’s from Belkin and operates on Wi-Fi, it can be easily integrated into a home automation or cost reduction system using the Belkin WeMo product line.

Record Wide Angle Video with Audio

All of the cameras in the NetCam product line are equipped night vision optics. These aren’t as advanced as you’d see in the military, but they are sensitive to record clear video that is visible in a room that is barely lit by outside streetlights. You’ll have video that resembles the early Starlight scopes with a greenish-tinged image. The lens captures an image that is 64 degrees on the horizontal, 48 degrees on the vertical, and 80 degrees on the diagonal. This means that you can place it in the middle of a wall and it should capture most of the room it’s in.

Did I mention that you can record the video that the cameras capture? Yeah, you can do that. In full 720p HD video so you can see every detail clearly. Bring up the app on your mobile device and start recording right to the device. The system will also email you alerts if motion is detected in a house or room that’s supposed to be empty. Imagine getting an email telling you that Junior and his sister are snooping around in your room looking for Christmas presents. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. There’s also a microphone that’s almost sensitive enough to capture a whisper from 10-15 feet away.

How the Belkin NetCam HD System Works

The cameras are mounted on bases that can be used to sit on a bookshelf or any flat horizontal surface or they can be wall-mounted up high for better coverage. Also, like I said, the cameras communicate with each and the server. When you wish to stream or record to your mobile device, the video is sent from your cameras, through the Wi-Fi network over the Internet to the NetCam servers and from there to your device.

There’s also an option for what they call Cloud+ Premium Services where you can record the video to Belkin’s cloud. Belkin also offers a free 30-day trial subscription to see if Premium is for you. However, if you’re like me and you either live apart from your kids or you travel often, I’m betting that you’re going to love the premium cloud services. If you’re out of town and in a meeting when your youngest has their birthday party, the premium service means you don’t have to miss it. Just set it up to record to the cloud and watch and listen to the video when the meeting is over and you’re vegging out in your hotel room.

A Quick Look at the Belkin NetCam HD w/ N300 Range Extender Package

A Wi-Fi range extender is just that, a device that extends the effective range of a Wi-Fi network. Most Wi-Fi routers have a range of about 100 feet, tops. The range extender allows you to place cameras farther than that from the router and still use them.

For example, the house I live in is about 150 feet from front wall to back wall. There are also dividing and firewalls between the front and back that block the signal. Place a range extender halfway, and your Belkin Netcam HD signal makes it all the way.