Canada Ready to Take Back Video Subscribers with shomi


Canadian pay-TV titans Rogers Communications and Shaw Communications have decided to team up to launch a new video-on-demand subscription service to help reclaim some of the lost video subscribers from companies like Netflix and Hulu. The streaming service is called, “shomi.”

The new streaming service will reportedly have 340 different television series and over 1,200 movies available to stream on IP devices, and subscribers will have to pay close to $9 per month for premium videos.

Expected to launch in November, shomi will focus more on television shows and entertainment, with a lot of the same content that’s already on Netflix, like “Sons of Anarchy.” But it will also have other shows, like the popular “Sleepy Hollow,” and “Modern Family.”

Interestingly, Canadian media rules mandates that 30 percent of the content offered on the service has to be Canadian.