Can a Bluetooth Cooking Thermometer Make You a Better Cook?


A Bluetooth cooking thermometer won’t turn you from a mediocre player in the kitchen to a world-class chef. However, there are quite a few ways that one can help you be a better cook. I can think of numerous ways and times/dishes that one of these would have saved me a trip to the store. I love to cook and feel that I’m pretty good at it. I think that having one Anova Precision Cooker can help me become an even better cook.

Bluetooth Connectivity and a Mobile App to Keep You Informed

This is one of the things I really like about this new kitchen toy from Anova, the Bluetooth connectivity and mobile app. I can set things to cooking, set the thermometer in the pan (it clips to the side), set the app to remind me when the desired temp is reached, and go watch my race, movie, whatever without having to get up every few minutes to check what’s cooking.

What’s This Sous Vide Thing?

Sous vide (soos viday) is catching on in kitchens around the world big time. Big time pro chefs originated the style of cooking because it allows them to prepare large quantities of food and then perfectly reheat them later. Here’s how it works: Foods are placed into a vacuum-sealed pouch and then placed into a water bath with a very controlled temperature. The foods are heated slowly and evenly. The thing is, the tools that pro chefs use for sous vide can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. This one from Anova is less than 200 bucks. Quite a bit of the food that you eat at high-end restaurants that you think is prepared fresh for you? Probably frozen a few days in advance and cooked Sous Vide style to ensure your food remains tender, juicy, and tasty.

How Does Anova’s Bluetooth Cooking Thermometer Work?

First I have to mention right away that this isn’t just a thermometer. The Anova Precision Cooker is a true Sous Vide solution. The unit is clamped to your stock pot and the pot is filled with water. Place the sealed bag of food in the pot and plug the Precision Cooker in. A high-quality heating coil in the base heats the water, while a waterproof fan keeps the water circulating in the pot to keep the temperature even throughout. The unit contains a precision laboratory quality thermometer to keep track of temperature. Once you have it started, use the dial on the side to adjust the desired temperature in half-degree increments. Yes, I said half-degree increments. Like I said, temperature is king in the kitchen.

This is the second version of the Precision Cooker from Anova. The first one was pretty good but didn’t allow the fine temperature the new one does. This one also has a double set of clamps allowing you to use it on a variety of pot sizes and depth.

Unfortunately, cooking with water is the only heating medium you can use with this kitchen tool. That means that cooking anything in oil is out. No perfectly cooked French fries with this baby. However, if you’re willing to wait until the end of the year and pay quite a bit more (like probably at least $500 more), you can wait for GE to come with their new line of Sous Vide-inspired cooktops. These babies will have the Sous Vide device integrated with the stove but will use the stove’s heating element. This means you’ll be able to cook with oil.

Come and get it Is this something you’ll be likely to pick up or do you prefer to keep watch over your cooking more tightly? I’m thinking that this will let me make my spaghetti sauce and not worry about it burning if I forget to stir.