Cablevision-Optimum Ranks Highest in Netflix ISP Speed Index


Netflix announced that Cablevision-Optimum and Cox Communications were first and second respectively in the Netflix ISP Speed Index for June.

The entertainment streaming company posts a monthly chart showing the average ISP speeds of the top providers in the country. The chart should help answer several different questions, including:

  • Which companies offer the best prime time Netflix streaming experience?
  • Where does your ISP rank?
  • Is your ISP getting better or worse month after month?

Netflix ISP Speed Index For June

Each month, Netflix attempts to praise some ISPs for offering great streaming service, while also shaming those providers that are offering less-than-ideal streaming speeds.

Their goal is to increase transparency about the speeds and services you are paying your Internet Service Provider for. These reports might not do this entirely, but they are part of a bigger picture you should be able to use to make good decisions on which ISP you should sign up with.

Readers can follow the link to the report to see the chart for Canada’s ISPs, as well as in Latin America and Europe.

Cablevision-Optimum Ranks Highest … Again

Among the major service providers, Cablevision-Optimum ranks highest, as the only company to average over 3.0 Mbps. As a matter of fact, they average 3.10 Mbps in prime time. This is an increase up from the 3.03 Mbps they posted in May, but they still stayed in the top spot for the 18th month in a row. Interestingly, Cablevision-Optimum has led all of the major ISPs in this report every month dating back to January of 2013.

Cox Communications Sits Tight at No. 2

Nearly as reliable as Cablevision-Optimum, we find Cox Communications firmly in second place for the 16th month in a row. What’s really great to see here is that Cox’s average speed bumped up from 2.39 Mbps last year to 2.99 Mbps this year — it’s highest monthly average since this report began!

Mediacom Makes the Biggest Move

In May of 2014, Mediacom actually ranked outside of the top 10 ISPs in this index, with an average of 1.85 Mbps. But June was a good month for their customers, as their average dialed up to 1.91 Mbps.

It’s fair to assume that next month, we’ll be saying, “Cablevision-Optimum ranks highest,” but users should also take note of the jockeying for position behind them. Where does your ISP rank?