Cablevision Offers Optimum Cable Services

Cablevision Offers Optimum Cable

Cablevision was founded in 1973 and offered Cable TV service to 1,500 customers on Long Island. Now, through their Optimum operating arm, they provide a wide-range of telecommunications services, including TV, Internet and Home Phone, to millions of customers in the New York tri-state area from their Bethpage, N.Y., headquarters.

Optimum Online is the Optimum Internet Service for the New York Tri-State Area

There are three Optimum Internet packages, Basic, Ultra 50, and Ultra 101. The Basic package offers download speeds of up to 15 Megabits per second (Mbps) and upload speeds of up to 5 Mbps. This is enough to stream a movie from Netflix or Hulu and for one computer to browse the web simultaneously.

If this isn’t enough for your household, there’s the Cablevision Internet Optimum Online Ultra 50 package. As you can guess, it’s called Ultra 50 because it offers max download speeds of 50 Mbps. This is enough for three or four different movies or videos to be streamed at the same time quite easily. The max upload speed of 25 Mbps will even allow you to stream video to family and friends.

For more than double the download bandwidth, there’s the Ultra 101 package. With this kind of bandwidth, your kids can have sleepovers and everyone can stream what they want to their devices. With 35 Mbps of upload speed, this also means that you can stream that wedding video to the extended family around the country with the right software. Top that all off with a free Wi-Fi router, five free email addresses, and a webmail front-end that makes checking your mail from anywhere a snap.

With Cablevision New York City and Other Areas Have the Best Netflix Experience

Optimum has a valid Netflix Open Connect partnership agreement. What this agreement means is that Netflix subscribers in the tri-state area that are also Optimum Internet customers experience the best Netflix streaming experience of all providers of High Speed Internet services. This means you’ll have the bandwidth you need for Netflix 3D and Netflix Super HD.

Cablevision TV Offers a Number of Optimum TV Bundles

Every subscription to Optimum TV starts with the Broadcast Basic package that’s about $15 and offers 66 local and national networks. These networks include ABC HD, ION HD, FOX HD, NBC HD, CBS, HD, and four localized 12 News channels. For about another $13, you can add Optimum TV en Español to any Cable TV package.

The next package up is the Optimum Economy that adds another 42 channels to the Basic package. These includes History Channels and Discovery channels, Boomerang, Animal Planet, CNN Cartoon Network, HGTV, and MSNBC. This one runs about $45 a month.

Jumping up past the Optimum Value package is the Optimum Preferred package. The Value package ($65) adds another 120 channels to the lineup, while the next step up, the Optimum Preferred ($75) adds a further 90 channels, bringing the total up to 318 available channels. Value brings several Disney channels, more Discovery and History channels, Bloomberg TVV, A&E, and some ESPN options. The Preferred package adds some FX channels, more ESPN options, MLB, NBA, and NFL Networks, as well as more National Geographic options.

Going with the Optimum Silver package brings the cost up to about $90 and adds another 66 channels (total 378 now) mostly premium channels. You get two cooking channels, more than 20 HBO channels, and several Showtime and Starz channels. Jumping up to about $110 is the Optimum Gold package, with another 60-plus channels. These include the balance of the ESPN channels, TMC channels. Outdoor channels and the rest of the NFL and NHL networks. This brings the total up to about 450 channels to choose from.

Optimum TV Lets You Add Premium Channels to Lower-Tier Packages

Let’s say you don’t want or need several hundred channels, but you do want all the HBO or Showtime channels or other premium networks, what then? That’s easy. For either $12 or $14, depending on what family of networks you want, you can upgrade easily. There’s also the option for about five bucks to add any of the On-Demand channels that Optimum TV offers. Spanish isn’t the only world language that customers can find packages for, either. Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, and Korean are just a few of the many language choices. Their pricing plans page shows you everything you can add to your TV package.

Optimum New York Area Customers Can Have Crystal Clear Voice Service

Optimum Phone makes Optimum your one stop shop for all your telecommunications needs. You get crystal clear service over their enhanced Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network. Unlike many other VoIP providers, Optimum Phone customers don’t have to do any special registration for 911 services, they work automatically. Other premium features include busy redial, free 411, the ability to register up to five international numbers for remote calling, and the ability to make a phone call from a browser window, plus unlimited calling. All this for about $80 a month. Optimum Voice World Call gives you 250 anytime international minutes for another $20 per month, otherwise international calling is at the rate of two cents a minute. Of course they offer all the calling features you could ask for, like enhanced voicemail, blocking unwanted numbers, caller ID, and more.

Optimum Bundles Let You Put It All Together How You Want

Just like everyone else in the telecommunications market, Cablevision/Optimum lets you bundle services to get the best deals. For example, for about $80 a month (to start, increasing to $90 during the second year) there’s the Optimum Triple Play. You get Cable TV (more than 245 channels, many in HD, plus OnDemand options), Optimum Online Ultra 50 Optimum Internet, and Optimum Phone with unlimited calling in the U.S. and possessions. The Optimum Triple Play bundle comes with a two-year price guarantee and no annual contracts to sign.

This also comes with Optimum WiFi which gives you Internet access from more than 400,000 Optimum WiFi hotspots throughout the Optimum New York tri-state service area.

The Optimum WiFi hotspots allow you free access to a single-sign-on wireless network at train stations, cafes, parks, and many other locations throughout the service area.

More Perks Offered by Cablevision to Optimum Customers

Optimum TV just got better. With the correct mobile app for your device(s), you can take your Optimum TV service with you wherever you go in and around your house. Whether you have an i-device, Android device, or Kindle Fire, the app also lets you control and manage your DVR. TV To Go also lets you take select channels CNN, Cartoon Network, News 12, and others) with you wherever you go. Speaking of the DVR, how about the ability to record several shows at once? Top that off with being able to share what’s recorded across multiple screens, and you have quite a nifty tool/toy.

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