Cable ONE Internet Could Be For You

CableOne Internet

Cable ONE Internet was founded in 1986 as Post-Newsweek Cable and is the 10th biggest Cable TV company in the country. It serves over 700,000 customers in 19 states, and is known as a great company for those living in rural areas that don’t always have access to some of the larger companies, like AT&T or Comcast.

The company offers High Speed Internet, Home Phone and Cable TV services. They also pride themselves on having many offices in various states. As their website says, “Our employees are your friends and neighbors,” suggesting Cable ONE wants to be recognized as a personable business.

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Different Plans Offered by Cable ONE Internet

As I mentioned above, Cable ONE Internet has three separate services that can be purchased together as a bundle, or individually.

Cable ONE is currently promoting what they call their “best offer ever.” This best deal consists of a 55 megabit-per-second (6.8 Mbps) Internet connection (known as the Streaming Internet) for about $35 dollars a month. While it isn’t too bad, the deal only lasts for three months before the promotion price ends and the regular $50 a month charge kicks in. Typically, other companies keep their promo price for 6-12 months.

If you want speeds higher than the 55 megabit-per-second, they have some options for you. There is the 60 megabit-per-second offer (known as the Premier Internet) for $75 a month or the 70 megabit-per-second choice (known as the Ultra Internet) for $100 a month. Regardless of which one you choose, though, you get a 2 Mbps upload speed and you can have up to twenty e-mail accounts with their server.

Cable ONE does have a pretty awesome $99 a month deal for Internet, Phone, and Cable, whcih isn’t too shabby at all. This deal lasts for a full 12 months.

Cable ONE Internet also offers business plans, with higher data caps and faster speeds, along with 24-hour network monitoring. The prices for these plans, though, are not offered on their website. Instead, they ask you to call them for a quote.

Other Perks and Pros

Cable ONE Internet strongly promotes their policy of having absolutely no contracts, and the ability for customers to change their plans any time they want. Given that Comcast and AT&T often try to lock you into a one or two year term, I really like this policy.

Another thing worth mentioning is Cable ONE Internet’s June 2013 announcement, in which they said they plan to introduce new Internet residential plans with faster speeds, and that they would be eliminating data plans, and therefore overage fees. is a site that allows you to test your own Internet speed, but it also shows you the averages for a variety of Internet providers. The nationwide average for Cable ONE is 22.88 mbps download speed. (The average download speed for, say, Comcast is 27 mbps.) Any Internet Service Provider (ISP) will have an average lower than the advertised speed. This is due to your computer’s hardware, the number of people attempting to access your local ISP router, and other factors. Given that Cable ONE supplies its services to primarily rural areas of the country, it is not a surprise they aren’t able to reach the 55 mpbs speeds they advertise. This still beats out dial-up, and is well worth the money.

They also offer both wired and wireless modems for you to use, which can be installed by a professional if you so desire. The rates for this service can be as little as $8 a month. Of course, you are also free to provide your own equipment, if that is what you would prefer to do.

What People are Saying

Mostly, people seem happy with their service. Speeds are not always consistent, which would be annoying, I’ll admit, but it isn’t a deal breaker if the alternative is a measly dial-up or DSL connection. Otherwise, customers are content and state that their service is affordable, and that the help they receive through tech support is useful, knowledgeable, and friendly. This is also good because other providers are known for having less than stellar technical support for problems.

Since the caps have been lifted for data usage, customers are even happier with their service. I don’t see many reports of outages even if speeds can be unstable, so that’s a bonus.

Overall, Cable ONE Internet comes prepared with good connections in areas that don’t always have other options. Their prices aren’t largely competitive, but are not outrageous, either. Technical support is available and helpful.

If you live in one of the 19 states where Cable ONE Internet offers service, it might be beneficial to check them out. Check your street address in our Digital Landing Deals finder to see if they service your area.