Your Cable TV in Massachusetts Choices

Cable TV in Massachusetts

Your Cable TV in Massachusetts options are more numerous than you think. You can choose between large companies whose names everyone recognizes, or you can choose to buy your TV service from a smaller, most likely local provider. Each of these has advantages and drawbacks. Knowing which best suits your needs requires a little research. I’ve done the first part of that research here by listing some of the players in the Massachusetts Cable TV market.

The Main Players in the National Market

As with every other area in the country, there are three major companies offering Cable TV in Massachusetts: Comcast/XFINITY, Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications. Chances are you’re already pretty familiar with these companies and their Cable TV offerings, so I’m just going to gloss over them quickly.

Time Warner Cable offers a number of packages for most every budget, ranging from the 20 most popular national and local networks for about $20 a month, on up to well over 200 channels that include premium channels like HBO and Showtime for about $80 a month. All packages come with access to thousands of OnDemand titles.

Like TWC, Comcast/XFINITY offers several different packages that range in size from the most basic, with about 10 channels to almost 300 channels. Prices range from around $20 a month to $80. All packages have access to thousands of OnDemand titles, as well.

Cox Communications is the last major player in the Cable TV in Massachusetts market. Again, like the others, Cox Communications offers Cable TV packages that fit most budgets. Like the others, these packages start at about $20 and approach $100 per month, with channel counts ranging from around 20 to about 300.

The three major providers all offer thousands of OnDemand titles, as well as mobile apps for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, and Windows Phones. These apps let you take your TV with you on the go.

Smaller Players Offering Cable TV in Massachusetts

Whenever possible, I choose a smaller provider to buy TV service from. They usually have better prices for the packages I need, as well as better customer service. Three smaller companies that provide Cable TV in Massachusetts include RCN, Charter Communications, and Bright House Networks. I’ve had service from Charter and Bright House and if I’m ranking them for just Cable TV service, my favorite is Bright House.

RCN is one of those small Cable TV providers that only serve limited areas. Their website says they have two package options for subscribers of digital Cable TV in Massachusetts. Both offer well over 200 channels, including HD and premium channels. Pricing is dependent upon your area, but the major differences are that one comes with an HD DVR and the other doesn’t. Both give access to thousands of OnDemand titles.

Charter Communications is the epitome of the smaller company offering premium service for basic prices. They have three main Cable TV packages that they offer: Select, Silver, and Gold. For about $30 a month, you can have the Select package, which delivers more than 125 channels, many in HD. Jumping to their top-of-the-line Gold package for $70 a month nets you almost 200 channels. Charter will also pay your early termination fee, if you have a contract with another provider, and their DVR service works on up to four TVs in the house. Charter has also been known to offer some excellent deals for new subscribers.