The Many Options for Cable TV in Idaho

Cable TV in Idaho

Cable TV in Idaho can sometimes be hit and miss. Sure, you can go the easy way and opt for one of the packages from whoever is the preferred (read largest) provider of Cable TV services in the area. Or, you can spend a few extra minutes and discover the other options you have.

Out of fairness, we’ll give the big providers brief mention here, just to remind you who they are. First, there’s what I call The Big Three. These are Comcast/XFINITY, Cox Communications, and Time Warner Cable. Some out there might stop here and think that’s all there is. However, there are quite a few others, some so small they don’t show up in search results.

CableOne Is an Excellent Alternative for Cable TV in Idaho

CableOne offers Cable TV packages for Idaho residents ranging from 19 to a couple hundred channels in size. As an example, their Economy Package offers mostly local programming. The Standard Package adds a couple dozen of the favorite networks such as TBS, A&E, HGTV, National Geographic, and TNT. On the high end, their HD Package is a package of HD channels such as Discovery, Science, Turner Classic Movies HD, NFL Network HD, NBC Sports Network HD, TLC HD, and ABC Family HD.

Frontier Communications Offers a Full Spectrum of Cable TV Options

Smaller companies typically give better customer service as well as lower prices to entice and keep new customers. Frontier Communications is a somewhat larger company that still remembers its small company roots and gives their customers a variety of options at competitive rates. You can choose either their DISH TV service or their FiOS service which offers up to 385 channels, more than 90 of which are HD, as well as a huge OnDemand library. Internet speed is currently limited to 25 Mbps, but I predict that could at least double by the end of the year.

Have You Ever Heard of ATC Communications?

ATC Communications offers Cable TV service in a very limited service area. However, like the other small companies, they offer excellent service and competitive rates. First and foremost, they don’t trap you in a contract. For less than $40 a month, they offer a package with the most popular networks, 45 channels in all. If you want more, like HBO, Cinemax, etc., you can add more at the time of purchase, incrementally.

CenturyLink Offers More than Cable TV in Idaho as Enticement

In reality, CenturyLink doesn’t really offer true Cable TV service. Sure, you’ll have a coaxial cable that runs to your house. However, that cable will carry service from DireCTV, not CenturyLink. That said, they offer five excellent packages with more than 140 channels to over 285 channels. For select areas, CenturyLink offers Internet speeds of up to 40 Mbps and will likely be increasing that by the end of the year.

These are just the companies whose names came up in a quick search from far away. As search terms are refined, and the distance shrinks, the names of several smaller companies will come up. You could additionally use our deal finder to quickly and easily find the best options for you.

Photo Credit: J. Stephen Conn