Options Aplenty for Cable TV in Georgia


What are your Cable TV in Georgia options? Are you tired of your current provider? Is your contract ending? Do you just want to look around and see if there is something that would better suit your needs and your wallet? Lucky for you, you have more options than you think you do. Some of them are big names that are instantly recognizable, and some are smaller companies that you may not have heard of before, but still provide excellent service. Since they’re smaller, you’ll probably also get more of a hometown feel and service from them than from the big guys.

What’s Available for Cable TV in Georgia?

There are, of course, your basic well-known companies. These are the ones that service not just Georgia, but countless states across the country. In fact, a quick search will tell you that Georgia actually has a number of them. Which ones are they? Well, there’s Comcast, Charter, Time Warner Cable and Cox.

These companies, though perhaps more expensive than local providers, generally not only have good bundles — be it Cable TV, Internet, Phone and/or Home Security — but they also usually run specials and sometimes offer channels or channel packages that you can’t get elsewhere.

What about the smaller providers? These tend to vary from area to area, since they are smaller and often cannot offer service to the entire state. Some of these providers include Century Link, Mediacom, and others. They even offer bundles and many of them offer special deals for new customers as an incentive to get you to make the change. Additionally, your town or county may also offer Cable TV services.

What the Little Guys Offer Varies

Cable TV offered by your city, town, or county government will vary from area to area. Century Link has a variety of packages that offer just over 85 channels, with a couple of premium channels (HBO, Starz, Showtime, etc.) thrown in, up to a package that offers almost 300 channels, many of which are broadcast in HD, along with several premium channels, plus free DVR service. Installation for all of their packages is free.

Mediacom is one of those companies that, for some reason, doesn’t like to divulge much information without asking for your address up front. This is because their offerings vary from area to area. They do carry all of your favorite channels like TNT, USA, MSNBC, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon, along with all the premium networks.

So What Should You Choose?

Doing your homework is key here, along with thinking about what it is that you really need and how much you’re willing to pay for it. Do you want basic channels or special channel packages? Do you want a company that offers home security as well as cable TV? Are you looking for high speed internet or a phone to go along with your cable?

Each company, big or small, has something to offer. Take the time to look through their websites and see not just what they can do for you, but how other customers rate them, too. Finding a company that is reliable and has excellent customer service is often important for a lot of people; no one wants to pay for service that goes out often or be forced to deal with customer service reps that are either rude or unpleasant to deal with, after all.

Photo Credit: Kethaneni1