Cable TV in Colorado: Plenty of Choices


When people think of Cable TV in Colorado, most will automatically think of the “big three” and not give a second thought to any of the other providers out there. That’s a shame because the smaller companies, since they are smaller, tend to offer some better prices and have better customer service. Because of this, I’m going to talk a little about what companies offer Cable TV service in the state.

The Names Everyone Knows

You could go the easy way and just pick one of the major national providers of Cable service like Comcast, Time Warner Cable (Maybe not for long, though), and Cox Communications. These companies all have a variety of packages for all budgets. You’ll have access to all your favorite networks, most of them in full HD, music, and On Demand programming, as well as premium channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Encore.

CenturyLink Offers Excellent Service

I’ve heard good things and bad things about CenturyLink. A friend of mine had it in a small town in Nebraska and didn’t much care for it. But I’ve got other friends that love it. If I lived in an area serviced by it, I’d definitely give them more than just a passing glance, because they’ve been announcing fiber to the home (FTTH) in a number of locations and this service comes with Internet speeds of up to one gigabit per second (Gbps). That’s speed I can’t resist!

CenturyLink offers a variety of Cable TV packages for Colorado residents ranging in price from about $35 on up to almost $100. Their lowest priced package offers more than 85 channels. Their mid-range package offers more than 200 channels, while their most expensive package offers almost 300 channels, plus a number of free upgrades such as a free DVR.

Cable TV in Colorado from Charter Communications

Charter Communications has one of the highest customer service ratings for Cable TV and Internet providers in the country. In competitive tests, they also have some of the fastest connection speeds and best reliability ratings in the country. Oh yeah, they offer Cable TV service also.

There are three TV packages that Charter offers: Select, Silver, and Gold. The Select plan gives subscribers more than 125 channels, many in HD, and allows you to watch select channels on your mobile device. The Silver plan gives you access to more than 175 channels and the Tier 1 Digital service. The Gold package jumps the channel count to over 200, adds the Tier 2 Digital package as well as a variety of premium channels, like NFL Red Zone.

I Bet You’ve Never Heard of Falcon Broadband

I know — I hadn’t before today. I have friends and family that live in their service area and they’re going to love hearing that they can have their NFL Network as part of Falcon Broadband‘s most basic service offering at no extra charge! Every other company I’ve looked at either wants you to buy one of their most expensive packages or pay extra for that. Their options are broken down into Classic, Digital, and HDTV.

So Cable TV in Colorado options just keep getting better and better!

Photo Credit: J Blough