Cable TV in Arkansas: What Are Your Options?

Cable TV in Arkansas

When it comes to Cable TV in Arkansas, you might think that your options are rather limited. After all, in any state you are going to find at least one big cable provider and since they have the most money for advertising, they are the ones that you’re going to hear about the most.

Truthfully, though, there are almost always going to be smaller companies that you can find if you do a little sleuthing around.

What Your Options Are

Your main options for Cable TV in Arkansas are two of the biggest in the industry: Comcast and Charter. These companies offer their services in a multitude of states and often have the most services to offer, along with some great bundles. Depending upon the area you live in in Arkansas, these companies can have either highly rated customer service or mediocre customer service ratings.

Comcast and Charter aren’t your only options, though. In fact, there are several services are offered throughout the state of Arkansas. Some of the more well-known ones include Yelcot, Ritter Communications and Resort, though some of those are only available in select areas of Arkansas. There are other cable companies through the state, often small enough that they only provide services to one or two cities or areas in the state. Check out our deal finder to find the best one for you.

What Services Each Company Can Offer You

You might think that because a company is smaller than the big names, they might not be able to offer you some of the things that companies like Comcast or Charter can, but that is simply not true. Every cable company offers bundles — including Home Phone, Cable TV and High Speed Internet — and some of them even take it a step further by offering things like Home Security protection. While some of the companies may not be able to offer you exactly the same channels as the bigger companies (for example, Investigation Discovery HD is generally only available to Comcast customers), they always have various packages that include a ton of the channels you know and love.

Regional Companies Providing Cable TV in Arkansas

We have several articles on the site that discuss the offerings from companies, like TWC, Comcast, and Cox. However, like I said, they aren’t your only option, so let’s see what the others offer, starting with Resort. Resort offers two main packages: Standard and Digital Val-U Pak, plus two add-on packages. Their packages offer:

  • Standard offers your favorite local and national networks (more than 130 channels) including Discovery, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and NBC Sports Network.
  • Digital adds a number of digital and HD networks such as four Fox Sports channels, a variety of ESPN channels, Discovery Fitness, H2, and Disney XD HD, for a total of more than 45 additional channels.
  • HD Movies and More offers four movie channels: MGM movies HD, Universal HD, HDNet Movies, and FX Movie Channel HD.
  • The Premium Channels package offers 40 premium networks from HBO, Starz, Encore, and Max.

Ritter Communications services areas that most cable companies don’t and they offer local programming that the Satellite companies don’t. Their offerings vary depending on where you live, so check them out. Yelcot Communications also services areas that the big boys tend to shy away from and also give you access to your hometown TV stations, unlike Satellite. You’re going to need to go to their page and select your locale to see what they offer as they also offer different lineups and packages to different areas.

Photo Credit: Mitch Wessels