Cable TV in Alaska: What Are My Options?

Cable TV in Alaska

Your options for Cable TV in Alaska may be somewhat less than they would be in the lower 48 States, but they also aren’t as limited as you may expect. Trying to perform a web search to find out what your options are, can be tedious and time-consuming. You’ll find offerings from local/regional providers such as GCI, Mediacom, Supervision, and Frontier Communications, among others. Let’s take a look at some of the offerings from some of these smaller companies.

What Does Mediacom Offer to Alaska Residents

There are five different “paks” advertised on the Mediacom website for customers to choose from.

The most basic, which they call the VALUEpak offers customers local broadcast channels, with some of them available in HD. On the other end of the spectrum is their ELITEpak which comes with three converters and well over 160 channels, many of which are offered in full HD, plus Cinemax and HBO. Subscribers to this package are also offered 6,000 hours of On Demand viewing.

Cable TV in Alaska from GCi Communications

GCI Communications offers three main TV plans to Alaska subscribers throughout their service areas. These are the G200, G300, and G400 plans. With the G200 plan customers have access to almost 200 channels including:

  • AMC
  • USA
  • TNT
  • Disney
  • HGTV

Those wanting a few more channels can choose the G300 plan and add popular networks such as:

  • NatGeo
  • BBC
  • FX Movies
  • Several ESPN channels
  • History Channel

Finally, those looking for the most programming variety will want the almost 350 channels that come with the G400 plan.

  • Starz
  • Encore
  • PAC-12
  • FXX
  • The Golf Channel
  • GSN

Each of these packages comes standard with a TiVo DVR. However, for a few more bucks a month you can hook up more than a single TV to the video recorder. They also offer TiVo Stream, which lets you stream video to a mobile device from the TiVo recorder.

Supervision Inc. Offers Services in Certain Parts of Alaska

Supervision, Inc., is part of a consortium of companies offering services to several rural areas in Alaska. Their page appears to either be under construction or not fully functioning. There is no information available as to what types of packages they offer.

Craig Cable TV Services Residents of Prince of Wales Island

Craig Cable TV is another tiny company providing customers with Cable TV in Alaska. They’ve been servicing their area since 1978. The company offers subscribers three levels of service: Basic, Full, and Partial Premium. With the Basic Cable Service package, subscribers have access to the full channel lineup (81 channels) except channels 14-18, which are the nationwide premium channels such as HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime. Full Service subscribers gain these five channels, while the Partial Premium Choice package gains Basic subscribers access either HBO package-HBO, HBO1, and Cinemax) or the Showtime package: Showtime and The Movie Channel.

Photo Credit: Flickr