Comparing the Big 3 Cable TV Companies

Comparing the Big 3 Cable TV Companies

There are many Cable TV companies in operation today. If you’ve got a television in your home, chances are you rely on one of them to bring life to your TV screen and provide entertainment and news into your home.

Actually, there are so many Cable TV companies out there, it would be difficult to list them all in this space, so I’m going to limit this to the top five. The top three companies as recent as January 2013: Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications.

Each company has their own assortment of home digital services, like TV, Internet and Phone, that they provide in “bundles.” Bundles are a way to group the services that you need or want (usually two or more services). The main reason for this bundling is to make it so that you only have a single bill to pay every month.

However, another plus is that the companies offer these services at lower prices when bundled together, for instance High Speed Internet and Cable TV, or Cable TV and Home Phone services. These bundles are usually what grab the consumer’s attention and get them to sign up, since we’re always looking for a way to save a few bucks wherever we can.

Ranking the Cable TV Companies

No. 1 — Comcast XFINITY

Comcast has been the most popular Cable TV provider since November of 2002. Currently, Comcast’s services include Internet, Cable TV, and Phone to both residential and business customers.

Besides basic Cable TV, Comcast also provides the consumer with a relatively new service of On Demand TV called XFINITY (Comcast is in the process of changing the name of all their offerings to XFINITY).

XFINITY On Demand™ provides the user with instant shows that the users can choose from at home, on their TV, or on the go, from their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Their lowest offer involves only 45-plus channels. The next offer available offers On Demand, 80-plus channels, as well as High Speed Internet.

One of their recent bundle offers includes XFINITY On Demand, the same 80-plus channels, High Speed Internet and Home Phone service, with the addition of premium channels like HBO for three months free, or a $100 paid Visa Card.

XFINITY Home is also provided in a bundle, in case the customer would also like home surveillance and security.

No. 2 — Time Warner Cable

The second most popular of the Cable TV companies is Time Warner Cable (TWC). Time Warner Cable has been providing their services since 1968. Just like Comcast, Time Warner Cable also services both residential and business customers.

Time Warner Cable provides TV, Internet and Phone services, just like Comcast. They also have bundles that are similar to its fellow providers with a mixture of TV, Internet and Phone. Those bundles are cheaper in price instead of getting each individually.

Time Warner Cable also provides its customers with the option of getting Home Security, a new service offering that they have called IntelligentHome. However, this isn’t included in a bundle.

No. 3 — Cox Communications

Ranking third for Cable TV companies is Cox Communications. Their services include Cable TV, which also includes Pay Per View and On Demand, High Speed Internet, Home Phone and Home Security, as well.

Unlike other providers, Cox gives the consumer an option to build their own bundle if they do not like the options already given, of which there are many, all of them slightly different. Building your own bundle seems like a very easy idea and definitely useful for those homes working on a budget.

When building your own bundle, Cox gives you the options of adding groups of TV channels, Internet and Phone services, just like the others. Cox labels how much everything costs so that you can optimize your budget correctly, though they are not flexible on pricing. After some playing around their site (I called it “research”), Cox bundles seem to be more expensive than the rest of their competition.

All in all, most customers rely on either prices or credibility when ultimately choosing from a list of great Cable TV Companies to provide digital services for their home or work place.