TV For Android Apps For Everyone

Android Apps For TV

A TV for Android app lets you access the channels that you’re subscribed to from your Cable TV or Satellite TV provider. All the major players in the Satellite and Cable television market have at least one app for Android, which will allow you to watch most of your favorite TV shows and networks as long, as you have an active High Speed Internet connection on your Android tablet or smartphone.

With all of these apps, you will be able to watch most, if not all the programming that you would have access to from home on your TV. Most of the apps also allow you to program your DVR or other set top boxes. You can also access your account, check your billing status and make payments, all right from your Android-enabled device.

Great TV For Android Apps

Verizon My FiOS

The Verizon My FiOS TV for Android app gives you full control over your home Verizon FiOS account. This means you can view your billing status, have support questions answered, set service appointments, and check and pay your bill. The app also gives you access to your FiOS email account, as well as the voicemail messages on your FiOS home digital phone line. Just about everything you can do at home, you can do with the My FiOS Android app on your tablet or smartphone.

TWC TV from Time Warner Cable

The TWC TV Android app from Time Warner Cable lets you turn any room in your house into a TV room with your Android tablet or smartphone with a High Speed Internet connection. Use the onscreen interactive program guide to choose what you want to watch and start streaming.

The app also lets you program your DVR while you’re away at work or on vacation, so you won’t miss your favorite shows. Parental controls built into the app give parents control over what programming their children can access. The app has certain service and hardware requirements that can be viewed either on the TWC Android app page or the Google Play Store page .

DirecTV Mobile App for Android

DirecTV is the country’s largest provider of Satellite TV programming, with a wide variety of programming options. DirecTV is somewhat slow to jump on the mobile app bandwagon, though. Their app does allow users to program their DVRs and have full access to the premium channels they’re subscribed to at home. However, the rest of the programming lineup is somewhat limited.

The app is great for social media users, though, as it allows you to keep your Facebook and Twitter friends appraised of what you’re watching. You can also browse a listing of what your social contacts are watching with the app.

DISH Anywhere

DISH TV Anywhere¬†gives you complete access to all of your DISH TV programming, and then some. Not only can you program your DVR or Hopper using the app, you can also tell your DVR or Hopper to stream what you’ve got recorded to your Android-enabled and Internet-connected device. You get a fully interactive viewing guide that you can use to see what you want to watch.

Basically, with this app, you’re going to feel like you’re sitting in front of your TV with your home remote in hand. That’s how much control and access you’ll have. Check the app description for specific hardware requirements.

Comcast’s XFINITY TV Android App

With Comcast’s XFINITY TV for Android app , you’ll have a world of entertainment in your hands. All you need is an Android tablet or smartphone with a High Speed Internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G minimum) and a compatible set-top box (for TV and DVR control), and you’re good to go to watch your favorite shows, program your DVR, and even control your TV. You get all this right from your Android device, whether you’re at home, at work, or on vacation.

This service isn’t available everywhere yet, and there are some restrictions. But this looks like a great app to have.

Sky Go from BSkyB

You know I couldn’t forget our friends from across the pond! BSkyB, or Sky TV, brings you Sky Go for Android. Sky is probably the largest Satellite TV provider in the world. This app won many awards in the past two years, including the T3 Digital Media Service of the Year Award for November, 2012.

With your subscription to Sky TV Satellite TV service and the Sky Go app, you can watch a large range of select programming from your subscription list, including a huge selection of On Demand programming. Currently, the app only works in the UK and Ireland, but Sky is busy working on making it available to all Sky subscribers.