6 Ways to Save with Cable Discounts

Cable Discounts

In this tough economy, every penny counts, which is why we love to find cable discounts! We want to save money, and get great deals, without sacrificing comfort. Cable bills are one of our biggest expenses, but even these are no exception when it comes to savings.

Before you drop all of those special channels you love, just to save a few bucks, try a few of these handy tips for cable discounts. You might find that you can get some decent discounts on Cable TV without giving anything up.

When you first sign up with your provider you can ask about some special discounts that may be available to you. Also ensure that you periodically check to see if they’ve brought the discounts into effect, after all, you don’t want to find out you missed out on savings.

6 Ways to Get Cable Discounts

Sometimes the discounts you can get are rather small, but they can add up over time, and in a few cases, you can stack the discounts with other deals.

Employment Discounts

A lot of large companies and government organizations can get discounts or special packages through local providers. Check with your HR and promotions departments to see what deals offered to your company.


It’s not just for roadside service anymore. AAA helps its members receive discounts for everything from vacations packages to cable service. Deals vary by region, but many regions have some sort of offer that you may be able to use. When you renew your AAA membership, ask your representative what cable deals they can help with in your area. While you are at it, don’t forget to ask about other discounts they provide as well.

Going to College?

That college student ID definitely has some perks when it comes to special offers. Drop by your student union office and ask if they have arranged for special student discounts with any local providers. It’s not uncommon to find special packages being offered to college students at a discounted rate.

Discounts for Seniors

Some cities and local governments require that service providers provide cable discounts for local seniors. While it may be limited to basic service, it’s worth checking with your company to see if you can take advantage of it.


Sometimes you just need to be a senior to get a discount, other times, you need to be a member of AARP. They work hard to ensure that the money seniors have to live off of goes far. Check on their website to see if there are any cable deals, or simply call your cable provider and ask.

Affiliations Discounts

Another thing to look at are a few of your affiliations. Unions, Fraternities, even certain Alumni or charity groups will have different discounts. Even if you can’t get your bill reduced, some of the charity organizations have an arrangement that a certain percentage of your bill can be donated. It never hurts to see what they might offer you, so start throwing some affiliations at your cable provider and see what they give you.

3 More Ways to Save on Cable TV

If you have gone through everything you can think of, there are still a few ways you can reduce your cable TV rates.

Save on Equipment Fees

The equipment that we use with our Cable TV or Satellite TV service usually comes with a fee. Sometimes the fees are for rental equipment and other times you are purchasing it. Ask your provider if there are discounts they can help you find for your cable box, DVR or dish. You might even find that if you forgo some of their equipment you can drop a chunk off your monthly bill.

For some equipment, such as routers, modems or even DVRs, you might get a better deal by purchasing it from a store rather than renting it from your provider.

Sign-Up Offers

Almost all service providers offer a special discount when you sign up. This could include anything from free DVR service to discounted premium channels. Of course, you need to be careful and read the fine print before you sign the contract. Check what the long-term contract attached to the discount is and what the cancellation fee would be. The price will go up when the special offer runs out, so you should know how much the service will cost once the discounts are gone and decide if the special offer makes sense for you. Sometimes, when you add up the entire contract term, you still find yourself with decent savings.


Last, but not least, try haggling. Media services spend a great deal of money on acquiring new customers, which is why the discounts offered are so sweet. They make their money off of you later, at the end of the contract when they raise their prices.

Unfortunately, most people pay it without complaint and few are willing to go to the hassle of changing to a new provider. Media companies make their money off of customer retention, so if you find that you are no longer bound to your service by a contract, it pays to haggle.

Call your company and let them know you are unhappy with your current prices and are shopping around. Start the conversation by saying that you are lowering your expenses and you saw a special offer from a competitor. Be specific and leave your questions open ended by asking which discounts they can offer. You may find yourself walking away from that conversation with a big savings package for several months. We even offer some great tips on negotiating with your cable company.

There is no magic formula to finding cable discounts, but sometimes digging is half the fun. They joy is in the hunt! See how much you can lower your bill by trying these tips.