Bundle Up With Cox Internet

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Purchasing High Speed Internet leads to tricky decisions. Service providers try to make it easy through creative selling tactics, such as offering you a few months of low prices or plans that give better data limits for long-term customers. As providers have merged and advanced, they have added new Phone Plans and TV Service to their High Speed Internet deals.

Cox Internet, with locations scattered throughout the United States, is a strong example of this new hybrid. The company combines residential and business services with TV, Phone and Internet deals, like most of the providers in the 2010s. Packages including two or more services like this are usually called, “bundles.”

As bundle competition becomes fiercer and major players like Google start diversifying into the area, companies like Cox Communications continue to offer ever more advanced options. It takes a savvy shopper to sort through bundle offerings, so here are common questions many should start with on their search.

What is a Cox Internet Bundle?

Providers like Cox Internet can offer multiple services at once.
Signing up for Cox Internet gives you great service at a great price, and a chance at even more savings if you sign up for Cox bundles.

When people talk about bundles, they are referring to a High Speed Internet service package. These packages offer several different services at the same time, through the same company, bundled together in one contract.

A typical bundle offers Cable TV, High Speed Internet, and Phone Service through one plan. Service representatives often come out and help you hook up key systems, such as wireless adapters and cable TV boxes, but you are still limited by where the cable and phone hook-ups in your house are located. Some bundles mix in different elements, like wireless data plans for cell phones or special options like fiber-optic Internet connections for extra speed.

Why Do Providers Offer Bundles?

When you buy a bundle, the company can offer discounts and still make money. The total cost of multiple services, even accounting for deals, is higher than the cost of just one service. Providers use all also their business segments and capabilities at the same during bundles, making it easy to use their resources efficiently. As more features are added, companies can continue to update their bundles, making them increasingly attractive.

Why Do People Choose Bundles?

Because services are bought together, providers are willing to offer lower prices. Cox Internet sometimes specializes in a $25 – $25 – $25 bundle option where all three services cost $75 per month, and include additional discounts for ordering online. Click here to enter your street address and see if Cox Internet is available in your area, as well as which deals they’re offering.

Other providers offer similar deals to help attract customers. Managing a bundle is also easy. Instead of dealing with three separate bills and services each month, you only have to worry about one.

Are There Different Kinds of Bundle Deals?

Yes, most companies offer several different packages for customers. This is especially common when Cable TV is part of the bundle, since companies can create several different channel offerings based on what customers want. Internet data limits and average speed can also vary between plan options. Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages are especially common.

Does Internet Bundling Carry Any Disadvantages?

It depends on your situation. If your current Home Phone or Internet plan is especially helpful, the price difference may not be noticeable and your new phone options may be limited. If you receive excellent service with your current company, service quality may drop. If you have satellite service and available providers only offer Cable TV, you may not want to switch unless you can live with fewer channels. Many limitations exist based on the providers in your area.

Bundling also requires commitment. Providers ask you to sign a contract that will lock you into the bundle for one or two years. The same cable lines and service centers power these bundles, so if something goes wrong you could lose three different services at the same time instead of only one.

How Do I Shop for a Bundle?

Start by asking friends and users of the providers in your area to find out how customer service works and if one company stands above the rest. Then check our services locator to compare TV, Internet, and Phone services against your current plans and rates. Another feature of businesses like Cox Internet and gaining popularity among providers is the ability to customize your bundle based on your own needs. Choose these customization options when possible.

What Does the Future of Internet Bundling Look Like?

Expect services to converge even further in the future. Eventually, it may become impossible to avoid purchasing a bundle. Bundles will also begin to include even more features and services, as companies continue to consolidate and target specific demographics. As Internet services grow more complex, the future of High Speed Internet will embrace more fiber optic cable and faster speeds that will continue to combine TV and net options into a single, merged service.