Bright House vs. Verizon FiOS: Showdown in Tampa


Tampa area residents have some great choices available when it comes to Bright House vs. Verizon FiOS. Both service providers offer a great lineup of services to get you connected for Home TV, Home Phone and Internet. Here’s an overview of their choice features so you can compare and decide which one meets your needs for home connections and entertainment.

Bright House Networks: Plans and Features in Tampa

Bright House Networks TV service options include your choice of the Standard Cable TV or Premier Digital TV plans. If you’re looking for just the basics or are on a tight budget, the standard plan comes with more than 70 channels. Added perks for this service option include no contracts to sign and no need to purchase equipment.

For customers looking for more options, Bright House Networks offers the Premier Digital TV plan that includes more than 250 channels of your favorite shows, movies and more. This plan provides you with a lot of great features including your choice of On Demand services, Sports Pass, music channels, and premium channel networks such as HBO, Cinemax and Starz as well as Spanish language TV programming options.

High Speed Internet plans offered by Bright House Networks include Lightning 30 (30 Mbps download/2 Mbps upload), Lightning 60 (60 Mbps download/5 Mbps upload) or Lightning 90 (90 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload). The Standard 10 plans offers10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speeds.

Great features that come with all Bright House Networks Internet plans include protective tools to keep you safe while browsing. Your High Speed Internet service will come with a personal firewall, McAfee Antivirus and spam blockers. Plus, as an added bonus, there are no yearly contracts required.

Bright House Networks also offers great Home Phone service. The Unlimited Nationwide Calling plan comes with a lot of great features that are included for free with no additional charges. With this plan you can call friends and family across the U.S. as well as within Canada and Puerto Rico at anytime during the week and on weekends. Enjoy Caller ID, unlimited free text messaging, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and much more.

Verizon FiOS: Plans and Features in Tampa

Verizon FiOS TV has a great variety of service plans so you can watch and enjoy all your favorite programs. The most basic FiOS TV Local plan comes with 61 channels, 14 of which are High Definition (HD). If you want access to more channels, check out Select HD (185+ channels including 35+ HD), Preferred HD (270+ channels including 70+ HD), Extreme HD (350+ channels including 90+HD), and Ultimate HD (440+ channels including 130+ HD). Verizon FiOS also offers Spanish language TV programming options that include FiOS TV Mundo with more than 210 channels (25+ HD) and FiOS TV Mundo Total, which offers 220+ channels, 35+ of which are HD.

When it comes to surfing the web, Verizon FiOS Internet service plans offer some of the fastest speed options available anywhere. Even their most basic plan at 25 Mbps is a great choice for basic tasks such as shopping online, networking, email, streaming and sharing photos. Verizon FiOS offers Internet plans that also include 50 Mbps, 75 Mbps,150 Mbps, 300 Mbps and 500 Mbps.

Large homes with many users or those that run a business at home will love the High Speed Internet service plans offered by Verizon FiOS. The top-level Internet service plans are also a great choice for businesses and companies that need the additional power for connecting multiple devices and networking with cloud services. Either way, whether you go with the 25 Mbps or the fast-as-lightning 500 Mbps, Verizon FiOS is a winner.

Verizon FiOS Digital Voice offers reliable Home Phone service using fiber optics technology. Enjoy more than 20 calling features that include Caller ID, Call Blocking, Voice Mail and more. Service plan options include the FiOS Digital Voice Unlimited Plan so you can chat with friends and family both locally as well as make long distance calls within the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Additional choice options include international calling plans and the pay-per-minute plan.

Showdown in Tampa: Bright House vs. Verizon FiOS

So, when it comes to the choosing the best overall service provider, who’s the winner in Tampa: Bright House vs. Verizon FiOS? Both service providers offer some great features to potential consumers.

Bright House Networks is a good choice for those consumers that may prefer Cable service. You get a great selection of bundle service options that save you money and you can choose and combine which level of Internet service you want based on your needs. Customer service is available around the clock for assistance.

As a consumer, you get more service plan options with Verizon FiOS for both Internet and TV. Verizon FiOS offers five TV plans and 6 Internet plans, all of which are backed by great customer service. You can save money by bundling services, this choice of which provides you with the option of a no-contract plan or a 2-year agreement. Be sure to check both service providers for ongoing promotions and great deals.

Photo Credit: Matthew Paulson