Boston TV Breakdown: Comcast vs. Verizon FiOS


Boston area residents looking for the best solution for their telecommunications needs should take a look at this breakdown pitting Comcast vs. Verizon FiOS. Deciding on a premier provider requires an analysis of both companies — their services, their bundle options, and finally their prices. Before making a final decision between Comcast or Verizon, pay close attention to the fine print in your contract, as getting out of a two-year fixed price deal might require paying a fee.

Of course, you also need to check if Verizon FiOS is actually available in your part of the Greater Boston area.

Comcast is Available throughout the Boston Metropolitan Area

Comcast leverages its XFINITY brand more noticeably in the Boston area, and its services are available at more addresses in the region compared to Verizon FiOS. You can get everything from High Speed Internet (XFINITY Internet) to Home Phone (XFINITY Voice) to Cable TV (XFINITY TV) through Comcast throughout the metropolitan area. As with most telecommunications providers, bundles are the way to go to save the most money and if you don’t mind using one company for all your communications needs.

Comcast offers two different categories for their bundles in the Boston area, using a baseball moniker known as XFINITY Double Play and XFINITY Triple Play. If you are fine with a deal combining High Speed Internet and Cable TV, the XFINITY Starter Double Play is the way to go. The Starter Double Play comes with Internet service with speeds up to 25 Mbps, 80 Cable TV channels, and the XFINITY On Demand service at a price of around $80 per month, guaranteed for one year.

If you need more television channels, check out the XFINITY Preferred Double Play which raises the number of included TV channels to 160, while keeping the same Internet bandwidth. This plan will cost you close to $90 per month.

Adding phone service to High Speed Internet and television makes your Comcast bundle an XFINITY Triple Play. A basic Triple Play bundle with 80 television channels, 25 Mbps of Internet bandwidth, and phone service retails for just under $100 on a monthly basis. Check to see if there are any additional deal sweeteners, like a Visa gift card as a rebate.

If you want extra features like HD video or more Internet bandwidth, additional Triple Play bundles may meet your needs. For example, the HD Premier XF Triple Play sports a 105 Mbps Internet download speed, over 200 digital television channels, including HBO and other premium offerings, along with a feature-laden digital phone service. Its price comes in at about $160 per month for one year.

Comcast vs. Verizon FiOS in the Boston Area

Given the technical superiority of fiber optic cable and its high installation cost, it isn’t surprising that Verizon hasn’t rolled out FiOS to all locations within Boston. But if you live in one of Beantown’s many suburbs, you may be able to enjoy what FiOS brings to the table. You can check availability in your area by typing in your street address below.

Verizon FiOS bundles provide the highest cost savings, and the baseball-themed FiOS Triple Play is the basic bundle package. For about $90 per month, with a two-year contract, you receive 25 Mbps High Speed Internet service, digital TV with 135 channels (and 25 HD channels), as well as digital phone service with unlimited nationwide calling. $154.99 per month bumps up the Internet speed to 75 Mbps and raises the number of channels to 390 with 120 HD channels.

Comcast vs. Verizon FiOS remains an interesting battle in the Boston area. Where FiOS is actually available, the superiority of fiber-optic cable comes into play with higher Internet speeds and more channels when compared to Comcast’s services. But if you can’t get FiOS, Comcast still offers good deals on their services, especially when bundled together.

Photo Credit: Jason Mrachina