Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2: Bose Sound for Your Phone Calls


If you’ve been looking for a new Bluetooth headset for your hands-free calls, you should think about the latest Bose Bluetooth headset, the Series 2. Bose, already well-known for the quality of its speaker sound, has taken several extra steps to ensure this headset appeals to all users and offers some of the best features around for on-the-go communication.

Bose Sound Effect

It’s no surprise that Bose tends to be on its game when it comes to sound quality, but this is usually seen in area speakers or headphones, not earphone-based speakers. But in this case the company has worked hard to give its Series 2 some serious sound advantages. We’re talking about directed audio and sound management that allows you to hear the person at the other end clearly even when there’s a lot of noise surrounding you (think on the subway or in a busy office).

This works because of features that sense the noise levels around you and adjust your audio volume to match, as well as increase clarity for the people that you are calling. The latter feature works thanks to a two-microphone system: One microphone sense your voice, and the other listens for surrounding elements like wind noise and actually reduces its effect on your call so communication is much more natural.

Use Bose Bluetooth Headsets in Real Life

Bluetooth headsets tend to struggle with often awkward controls, and Bose has addressed this problem as much as possible. The controls are still tiny, but they are designed to be used quickly and without discomfort. A quick pinch at the bottom of the headset activates the answer button for a call. Two separate volume buttons are one side, and the one/off switch is on the other side.

Another common issue with Bluetooth headsets is that they tend to be limited, useful only in certain circumstances when you need to pull them on for a wireless call. But Bose Bluetooth headset Series 2 is designed to be a bit more useful in a variety of different circumstances. The A2DP Bluetooth formatting allows you to connect the headset to a number of different devices. You can tune into podcasts on your phone if you are waiting in the car or working at the gym. You can talk to voice-recognition software through the earbud to issue commands, or hear turn-by-turn directions from your navigation app so you don’t need to keep looking down at your phone.

This headset can work with Bluetooth 2.1 or earlier, so you if have a very new phone, you may want to check to see that it will work with the headset – and that the device supports hands-free Bluetooth communication, of course. The Series 2 also includes the ability to connect to two devices interchangeably, which is nice if you have both a work and a personal phone and want to set up the headset to switch between them whenever you want.

Specs and Battery Life

The Series 2 uses a USB cable for charging and device management. It also comes with a wall-charger attachment if there is no handy computer nearby. One full charge of the battery will provide you with 4.5 hours of talk time. If you are not using your headset, it can stay on standby for around 100 hours before needing a recharge.


There are relatively few customization options for this Bose Bluetooth headset. You can customize the way that the headset works by choosing either a right or left side, depending on your preference. When ordering remember to pick the correct version, because this headset is not designed to switch between ears on the fly. The StayHear ear tips come in a standard size, but along with the headset you will also get two other tips, a smaller and a larger version, for more fitting options.

Pricing and Availability

The Series 2 sells for $150. You can try the Bose store to see if they have any in stock, but availability is not guaranteed. You may have better luck visiting Amazon to find the model that you want. If this is just way too pricey for you, you may want to consider alternatives like the Plantronics Voyager Pro, which sell for less.