Blumoo Wireless Remote Control Can Do it All


Blumoo Wireless Remote Control is a great choice for consumers that want the ability to manage multiple types of entertainment systems including favorites such as HDTVs, audio receivers, cable or satellite boxes, and both indoor as well as outdoor speakers from a centralized interface. Working with Blumoo during initial setup is not complicated, so consumers will find the process of installation to be simple and easy to understand. To top it off, Blumoo is compatible with more than 225,000 devices and 5,000+ brands.

Blumoo Wireless Remote Control Offers Flexible Functionality

Blumoo lets you customize and expand your choices on multiple levels to obtain flexible functionality. Blumoo will work with almost any type of device that comes standard with a portable remote control that utilizes infrared technology. The company has an extensive online library database for consumers to access that lists the many types of devices and brands that are supported by Blumoo.

The database is nicely laid out and provides an alphabetical listing of the many manufacturer brands that are compatible with the Blumoo product. You can use the Blumoo Wireless Remote Control for your favorite tunes and movies with streaming media players, Blu-Ray, CD players, projectors, home theater systems, and much more.

The Brains of Blumoo and How it Works

Working in conjunction with a free downloadable app (iOS or Android), Blumoo relies upon innovative Bluetooth 4.0 technology to communicate and connect with your smartphone while transmitting custom commands to the device being remotely controlled. The system is smart and is capable of identifying and matching the correct remote control database to work with your entertainment equipment.

Once you have downloaded the app, the Blumoo Wireless Remote Control system will provide you with a user-friendly interface to navigate the controls while streaming and enjoying your media picks and selections. The designers of Blumoo noted on Indiegogo during their successful funding campaign that they “are targeting the ability to have 5 devices connected to Blumoo at a time!”

The Creative Team Members Behind Blumoo

The creation and development of unique products such as Blumoo takes ingenuity, effort and teamwork. The genius behind the origins of Blumoo can be credited to several individuals. The product evolved from Kansas-based Flyer Innovations, which is a “consumer electronics startup company” that “strives to create intelligent consumer audio and video products and accessories that are easy to use and have a sleek, elegant design.” (Flyover Innovations, LLC)

Jason Carman is at the helm in the position of Chief Executive Officer at Flyer Innovations while Mark Vogt lends his talent and skills as the Chief Technical Officer. Flyover Innovations strives toward promoting technology products that are user friendly and work toward helping to enhance daily living for consumers.

Blumoo Product Purchase and Support Info

When you purchase Blumoo, your package will include the Blumoo HomeBase”pod” product, an audio cable (3.5mm jack), a power cable and outlet connection, and a setup guide. The dimensions of the Blumoo “pod” are 2.24 inches by 1.96 inches by 2.81 inches. The product is manufactured using “injection mold semi-translucent polycarbonate” materials. The company also offers a Blumoo accessory for those consumers interested in getting a dual head infrared IR extender.

There is a support page on Blumoo’s website that has videos on how to create customized remotes and multifunction buttons as well as additional helpful tips to get you started. Additional guided instructions and a set-up wizard are available online to help you navigate through the installation process. You can use Blumoo’s “How Can We Help You Today?” search tool and enter questions to help you find answers and solutions to common problems.

The support page link for Blumoo has a Knowledge base with several helpful sections for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Troubleshooting Blumoo, and a Community Forum where consumers can check out news and announcements, and engage in online discussions with other consumers that have also purchased the product. Blumoo offers free shipping and orders are generally processed and sent out the same day.