Blueguard Smart Lock and Video Doorbell Keeps You Safe


The Lark-Wi Blueguard Smart Lock and Wi-Fi Video Doorbell has you covered with a great set of features that include automatic locking control and remote video for 2-way conversations. With the convenience provided by your mobile smartphone, you can easily connect with Blueguard no matter where you may be located to keep your home safe and secure.

How Lark-Wi Blueguard Works

The innovative Blueguard uses the Bluetooth Smart Ready 4.1 hub that provides networking and connectivity between all the components of your Lark-Wi system. Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11/b/g/n networks with your free Lark-Wi cloud services to connect and control your smart lock and video doorbell remotely regardless of your location.

There are several ways you can use Blueguard to unlock your door. The auto unlock feature is a great option that works in conjunction with the Bluetooth key fob. It is similar to a key fob that you would use when unlocking your car. As a hands-free method, it is quick and easy and saves time. You can also input a code onto the smart lock’s keypad for fast entry.

Standard Features Include Motion Sensor and Night Vision

Blueguard’s design features an extra layer of security to help keep you safe. Armed with 2048 bit RSA encryption, all transmissions including sensor data and videos are fully protected. Blueguard lets you safely see and talk to visitors at your door even if you are not at home by using your smartphone to connect.

The motion sensor will notify you by sending an alert message to your smartphone when it detects the presence of a visitor that is near your door. As a bonus, Blueguard’s night vision capabilities work by automatically switching on the SU202 Smart bulb for illumination during the evening hours.

Blueguard’s electronic keys provide an added perk that lets you share access with family and friends. The smart lock can also store entry and exit log records that you can easily access from your smartphone. Available accessories include the SU202 wireless control 45W equivalent E26/E27 smart LED light bulb that relies upon Bluetooth networking technology for connectivity.

Technical Specifications of Blueguard

The Blueguard smart lock comes fully equipped with a color video camera, motion sensor, and doorbell. The device has a convenient keypad so you can set your own codes for locking and unlocking. Blueguard includes a microphone and speaker for two-way conversations with visitors when you are not at home.

The Blueguard keypad measures 158 mm (height) by 75 mm (width) by 9 mm (depth) and uses a standard size cylinder deadbolt lock. When you purchase the product, your package will include the Blueguard deadbolt, the interior casing, 4 AA batteries, 4 electronic keys, 2 standard keys, and 2 key fobs.

System Requirements and Compatible Device Options

Blueguard is compatible with iOS (5+ or later) and Android (4.3+ or later) operating systems. Set up is quick and easy with the free Lark-Wi app that you download onto your mobile device. When used in conjunction with your home Wi-Fi network, the range of Bluetooth for the smart lock system is up to 100 ft.

Blueguard runs on 4 AA standard batteries that should typically last about 1 year with normal daily usage. A rechargeable battery is available to power your Blueguard if you prefer this option over using regular batteries that need to be replaced. The Lark-Wi BC10 Li-Ion 5,400 mAh battery package will power your Blueguard door lock for a year and comes with a built-in charging circuit plus a USB port.

Blueguard Successfully Funded on Indiegogo

In the efforts to further promote their product during development, Lark-Wi sought funding on the crowdsourcing site Indiegogo for their smart door lock and video doorbell. Blueguard’s campaign resulted in funding that surpassed their targeted goal by 343%, having raised $21,221 at the time of this article.

The promotional campaign closed on April 1, 2015 with estimated availability and delivery of Blueguard scheduled for August 2015. Consumers eager to purchase the Lark-Wi Blueguard Smart Lock and Wi-Fi Video Doorbell can place an early order on Indiegogo or keep tuned in and regularly check out the Lark-Wi company site for availability updates.