The Best Wireless Headphones to Give for Christmas

Best Wireless Headphones

One of the best gifts you can get the music lover in your life is a pair of the best wireless headphones out there. Almost any music lover has their phone packed with their favorite tunes and would love the versatility of a good wireless headset that allows them to listen to music and use their phone.

Christmas is coming up way too fast and we could all use a few ideas on what to toss under the tree.

There is a huge variety of wireless headsets available, but in my opinion there is only one pair that qualifies as the best wireless headphones. The Samsung HM3700 headset is, in my opinion, the clear-cut winner.

When looking for a good wireless headset you want to look at a few key factors, such as functionality, comfort, features, and of course, price. I found that the Samsung HM3700 combines all of these features very effectively.

High Quality Sound

The most advantageous feature of these headphones is that they offer up high quality sound. Most Bluetooth headsets deliver tinny tones, no bass, and low volume. These provide good tonal depth and a surprising amount of bass. This is a headset that really lets you enjoy your music. The volume adjustment is simple and more than adequate. In fact, we don’t recommend full volume on them unless you wish to suffer hearing loss.

What lets you enjoy your music is the fact that they seem to block out all ambient noise, letting you actually listen to the music instead of the traffic or the surrounding crowds.


Odds are pretty good that the MP3 player you are listening to is also your cell phone, so it is rather convenient that the Samsung HM3700 is also a Bluetooth headset. You can take business calls or enjoy a symphony in high quality sound rather than having to sacrifice one for the other. Many wireless headphones are not multifunctional. You are stuck either listening to music or the phone and are only configured for one function. The Samsung HM3700 seamlessly switches between one function and the other and both functions offer up the same high quality sound.


Anyone who wears headphones knows the pain of uncomfortable headphones. For discreet wireless headphones you don’t have many options, you can get the ones that hang over your ear and rub the backs of them raw, or you can get the ones that sit uncomfortably in your ear canal.

With this unit you can pick how you want to wear it. You can wear it as a standard Bluetooth device. It comes standard with two ear hooks and 3 ear gels, so you can adjust the fit to conform to your ear. If over-the-ear Bluetooth isn’t your thing, then the Samsung HM3700 also comes with a set of high quality ear buds that easily fit comfortably in most ears. You could easily wear this headset all day and not even notice it.


One of the biggest determining factors for many of us when we go to purchase anything is price. There are many others out there with the same features, but what puts this one ahead of the others as the best wireless headphones is the price. Other wireless headphones of this quality range up to $1,000. The Samsung HM3700 is well under $100, in fact it averages around $40-$50. Don’t let the price fool you, it has all the quality of its more expensive counterparts.


Nothing is 100-percent perfect and this headset is no exception. Per Samsung’s write-up on the unit:

“Simple voice commands provide full control to play, stop or skip songs, answer or make calls, and more. The HM3700 is engineered with Androidâ„¢ application support, adding a wealth of advanced features and controls to an Androidâ„¢-compatible Bluetooth® handset. Thanks to this sophisticated technology, you can easily manage text-to-speech setting, connection settings, caller ID, and alarms; monitor your headset status on your phone; and maximize text-to-speech and voice command capabilities based on your personal preferences.”

Unfortunately, it’s not all true.

The voice commands work great, unless you are listening to music, in fact the manual actually says “You cannot use voice commands while listening to music with your headset.” This isn’t something I expected, but as I don’t use the voice command feature, I don’t find that it bothers me in the least.

I don’t have an Android-compatible phone, but I did hear that the Android application wasn’t functioning correctly on it. Once again, this not a problem for me, or many of those who have this headset.

Despite the few issues, this is still one of the best wireless headphones on the market that is Bluetooth compatible, comfortable and reasonably priced.

Photo Credit: Robert Nelson