Finding the Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Best prepaid cell phone plans

Since there are so many types of cell phones and prepaid plans to choose from, it can be tough to choose which are the best prepaid cell phone plans from all that are available.

There are several options to choose from when shopping for a prepaid cell phone plan, such as what type of phone is best for the user? Or is it best to choose a simple flip phone with basic service or an enhanced smartphone with all the bells and whistles? Users can ask themselves the following questions and keep the following tips in mind when shopping for a prepaid cell phone plan, so that it’s a bit easier to make the choice that is right for one’s usage and budget.

How Will I Use My Cell Phone? 

Before you make any decisions as to style, color and price of which cell phone you want, the first question that shoppers for prepaid cell phones should ask themselves is, “How do I plan to use my cell phone and what is my budget for cell phone usage?”

If a user is only wanting a cell phone to carry on their person or keep in the vehicle in case of an emergency, then they may wish to only pay for a very basic cell phone with few features. After all, if one is on a tight budget, it doesn’t make sense to pay for an expensive prepaid cell phone and plan that has features that one will rarely use, when a basic cell phone with a low flat monthly rate for voice and possibly text services will fit one’s usage and budget.

In the same vein, do you to use your cell phone on a daily basis, and take and send lots of pictures, texts and even surf the Internet and complete tasks, like online banking, checking email and social media on your phone? You will want one of the latest, and more expensive, smartphones and a plan that bundles all of these features into one monthly rate.

Many times, if a user has Cable TV, High Speed Internet, or a traditional land line telephone service, it is often cheaper to contract with the same carrier for cell phone service, so that the user receives a substantial discount for bundling services. Users that may wish to consider bundling their cell phone with other services can compare the rates and services of thousands of providers using Digital Landing’s convenient comparison tool.

What is My Budget?

Since these contracts can involve agreements that span multiple years, where users will face stiff fees for changing phones or phone numbers before the end of the contract date, a prepaid cell phone plan that includes the latest smartphone and services can still be a great deal for some users. This is especially true if the user thinks they may wish to upgrade their cell phone and plan more frequently that every year, or if the user may be especially hard on the cell phone.

While it’s possible to purchase insurance on the cell phone in case of accidents, some occupations may put a user in a position where they could frequently damage or lose their cell phone. So in this instance, a prepaid cell phone and plan is the better choice.

Also, in the event the cell phone is lost or stolen, the user of a prepaid cell phone has limited liability for any calls or services made from the phone once it is lost or stolen. And they don’t have to wait until a contract ends or pay heavy fines to replace a lost or stolen cell phone.

How Reliable are the Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans? 

Once you have decided between a basic cell phone or a smartphone, you will want to narrow your choice down further by looking for a prepaid cell phone and plan that offers reliable cell phones and service, as well as a wide coverage area.

While you can always ask your friends, neighbors and relatives what they like and dislike about their current cell phone plan and provider, searching online for product reviews of the various cell phones and cell phone plans available is a great way to find out if the cell phone you want is reliable.

Why is Coverage Area Important?

Once you have further narrowed your choices to a few cell phones and plans, you may wish to visit each possible provider’s website to determine if the area you will be calling from is in their coverage area or if you are in an area that has poor reception, a limited calling area or perhaps does not receive service.

While many prepaid cell phone providers offer nationwide networks, there are still some “dead areas” where a specific provider might not have reliable service and users often face heavy fees if they make or receive voice, data or text transmissions out of a provider’s coverage area.

Style Preferences and Optional Features

Some users may feel overwhelmed when they see the shiny displays of hundreds, if not thousands, of prepaid cell phones, and they may begin their search for the best prepaid cell phone plans by looking for their favorite brand, color, or body style. But these features should be a user’s last consideration, rather than first, when picking out their cell phone and plan.

By considering factors such as usage, budget, reliability and coverage area, you are more likely to find a cell phone and prepaid plan that you will enjoy using and won’t become a financial burden to own in the long run.