Best New Cell? LG G2 Phone


The LG G2 phone is going to be my next cell phone purchase. I say this unequivocally, although, I am a hardcore lover of Samsung products. If Samsung introduces the features that have changed my mind, I’m going to have a tough decision to make. However, until that time, consider me a convert, and here’s why.

The LG G2 Phone is Intuitive

LG has definitely done their homework during the design phase for the LG G2 phone. It looks like they followed a number of cell phone users around for a few days and watched how they use their phones and then designed this one >to take advantage of the usage habits they observed. This phone is immensely intuitive.

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to take a “selfie” that looks good with other phones? You’ve got to hold the phone in a very uncomfortable way to get a good shot. Not with this phone. Just hold it like you normally would and push the shutter release button located just beneath the rear camera. Quick, easy, and very comfortable.

Another issue I have with the cell phones I’ve used is adjusting the volume while I’m on the phone. I have to feel around on the side of the phone until I find the right button. Again, not with the LG G2 phone. Your index finger naturally finds the volume control buttons above and below the shutter release on the back. Click, click and “Ahhh, much better. I can hear you now.”

“Knock On” is another cool feature I like. This feature allows you to wake your phone simply by tapping it twice. No pressing the power or home key. No need to pick it up. Just tap-tap and the display powers up. Especially helpful if someone calls when you have your hands full. Tap-tap and instantly you know if the call is important enough to put things down and take the call.

Have you ever gotten frustrated plugging in your USB cable or headphones and then trying to find the app you want or need? The Plug and Pop feature brings the applicable apps to the front when you plug in your headphones or USB cable. Plug in the headphones and your music and video players come to the forefront. Plug in the USB cable and your file manager and other data transfer apps are shown. If you have dozens of apps installed, this feature is extremely helpful.

Zero In on the Audio You Want

One of my favorite features is the ability to zero in on an audio source when recording video. This is something I wish dedicated cameras/camcorders could have. Imagine going to your child’s recital or play and being able to zero in on him or her and perfectly hear what they are saying and moving all other audio sources to the background.

That’s just cool.

I can sit in a location that’s comfortable for me and still be able to hear my kids as if I were in the front row, and maybe even better. They call this “Audio Zoom.”

Professional Camera Features and Functions

Have you ever wanted to take a picture of something with your phone and put yourself into the frame? You could always turn the phone and hold it awkwardly to get you into the frame. With the LG G2 phone, all you have to do is take advantage of the dual camera/dual recording technology built into the phone. Even better — this feature works for both still photography and video recording.

Imagine watching a music video or a concert video on your phone and being able to focus in on the lead singer. Zoom to track lets you zoom in on a moving object or person in a video clip and follow it throughout the video playback. Tracking Zoom is somewhat similar, but it puts the tracked object into a picture box that overlaps the main video playback, allowing you to keep track of the whole video while focusing on a single subject.

Even More Great Features

As if the features listed above weren’t enough to make you run out and get the LG G2 phone, this phone also gives you the ability to capture a screenshot of whole webpages, not just the portion that’s visible. This is awesome because now you don’t have to take multiple screenshots of long pages to be able to see the whole page. “Capture Plus” also gives you granular control over the page borders, also.

“Copy/Paste” is an extremely helpful feature of computers, but has been lacking in cell phones, until now. Copy text snippets from one application and paste them into another just like on your computer. It also lets you copy multiple selections into the clipboard and choose which selection to paste where.

Now you know why I consider the new LG G2 phone to be the best new phone on the market today. If you buy one, let us know what you think!