Best Music Apps to Soothe Everyone

Best Music Apps for Androids and iPhones

Ask seven people what the best music apps are, and you’re likely to get seven different answers. Obviously, owners of Apple i-devices are going to say iTunes. You’ll probably get at least four or five different answers from Windows users. Android users will probably give you at least one or two different answers, as well. So which one of them is correct? They’re actually all correct because this type of question is extremely subjective.

It also depends on whether or not you’ve got a portable music player.

Best Music Apps to Download

AOL Google Play - Best Music Apps

Play by AOL Music

Play by AOL Music is another connected music app, but this time for the Android market and Google. Find music that other Android users are listening to, share your musical tastes with friends, and keep your social media family up to date on what you’re listening to.

According to the Google Play Android store review page, more than one million users consider Play to top the list of best music apps for the Android.


Hands down Winamp tops my list of the best music apps of all time. I’m a latecomer to the iPod game and have been using Winamp to listen to music on my computer for more than a decade on my Windows machines. I can add individual songs by individual artists, or I can add whole folders and subfolders to my playlists. Removing a song from a playlist is as simple as highlighting the song in the playlist (on the right of the application) and clicking the button.

Winamp - Best Music Apps

The program also has a built-in equalizer to correct for bad room acoustics or poor speaker quality. You can bring up the equalizer, set it, turn it on, and then minimize it. The main program window is small, which I like. In this window you can see where in the song you are, both with a progress bar and a time counter.

You can also see a graphical representation of the music, which can be used to adjust the equalizer if you like. I can also minimize the program to just a ribbon. And, if I get tired of looking at the same interface, I can switch skins and feel like I’m using a brand new player with a set of controls that I’m used to.

Soundtracking - Best Music Apps


SoundTracking is an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android music app that lets you tell your friends what you’re listening to as you listen to it. Other people using the app have the option of listening to a 30-second clip of the song through iTunes. It also interfaces quite nicely with your social media (Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare).

This is music gone social and it seems to be catching on in a big way.

You can also post pictures of what you’re doing while listening to a certain song, which also goes along with the app’s theme, as you post the songs that are the “soundtrack” of your life.


Apple iTunes

Up until very recently, Apple’s iTunes was the only way to manage your iPod or iPhone (and now iPad). You had to have it to purchase music or videos online (at the Apple iTunes Store) and then transfer those media files to your portable device. Personally, I don’t much care for it, but I do trust Apple more than some small startup, so I’ll stick with it to manage my iPod Touch.

iTunes - Best Music AppsUnless you spend time reading through the owner’s manual with your device and the iTunes Help files, the interface is clunky and difficult to understand. It’s much easier to add every media file in a set of folders and subfolders than it is to add single songs or movies from here and there. This means that quite often you end up with multiple copies of the same song or movie. Deleting them from your device isn’t very intuitive, either.

All this being said, it’s still probably the easiest way to manage the media files on your i-device. It’s also the only music player/media manager that I know of that works on both Apple products and Windows machines. This by itself makes it rank as one of the best music apps available.

PowerAmp - Best Music Apps


PowerAmp is also ranked by many reviewers as one of the best music apps for Android. Compatibility with the largest variety of music formats, a 10-band optimized graphic equalizer, and a plethora of presets, plus a built-in file tag editor, all combine to give reviewers (and now me, after I tried it on my Android 4.0 tablet) this opinion. This player is just cool. I will no longer be using the boring player that ships with Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich; I’ll be using Poweramp instead.

If you’ve got a favorite music app and I didn’t list it, leave some feedback and let me know. Maybe I’ll include it the next time I discuss some of the best music apps around.