Best Music Apps for Android or iPad Tablets

Best Music Apps for Tablets

The best music apps for your portable device are those that are easy to use, yet offer users a number of control functions. Obviously, they should sound good and also give you options to improve the sound quality of tiny portable speakers and headphones. My mom’s got an iPad 2 and I just picked up an Android tablet running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, so this is a subject that has obviously become near and dear to me, since I am a lover of music. I’d go crazy without my music and the player that came with the OS on my tablet — is junk.

Poweramp – It Feels Like a PC Media Player for Your Tablet

If my PC is on, I’ve got music going, unless I’m watching a game or a movie. It helps me concentrate, especially when I’m writing. My all-time favorite media player for the PC is Winamp. As I was playing around on the Google Store shortly after I bought my tablet, I stumbled on a link for a media player called Poweramp. It looked pretty close to what I’m used to on my computer, so I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did.

Poweramp gives me a world of control when I’m listening to my music. Crossfade (fades between channels and reverses channels), Gapless (removes those annoying blank spots in your music), Preamp control, and a full 10-band graphic equalizer to shape the sound as you like it. I’m not one that usually likes to pay for programs, especially apps, but I gladly paid the $2.49 for this one. You will too! In my opinion, this is the best of the best music apps for Android.

Tune In to Almost Unlimited Radio with TuneIn Pro

I used to love listening to radio, back before a certain “shock jock” replaced my favorite morning guys. That turned me off to radio pretty quickly. But now, through the power of the Internet, and apps like TuneIn Pro, I have an almost unlimited selection of radio stations to listen to when I get tired of my playlist and want someone else to choose the music for me. With this app, I have access to over 70,000 radio stations!

That’s right. I have access to over 70,000 radio stations, from all over the world, right on my Internet connected Android tablet. I can listen to sports, music, news, and weather. Traveling on business and not sure what the weather’s going to be like? No problem, find a radio station from where you’re going and get a live update on the weather conditions. Why rely on dated information from WeatherBug anymore when you can go to live radio for help? Even better — it lets you record live radio. To quote a great movie, “I’ll buy that for a buck!”

Name That Tune with Soundhound

Have you ever heard a song and just KNEW that you know the name of it, but couldn’t for the life of you think of that title? I think we all have been in that situation more times than we care to consider. Well, go crazy no more when you install Soundhound. This isn’t a true music app, since it really doesn’t PLAY music. But, if you launch the app and either sing or hum a short section of a song into the microphone, it’ll name that tune for you. “Tom, I can name that tune in six notes!”

Create Custom “Radio Stations” with Pandora

When you’ve got an Apple device, you’re pretty much stuck with iTunes when you want to listen to the music that you own. So, when looking for best music apps for i-devices, we’re mostly looking at Internet “radio” apps — apps like Pandora. Pandora isn’t a true radio app where you actually tune into a real radio station. It lets you create playlists that it calls virtual radio stations based upon your listening habits. It’s free, but if you do any traveling outside the country, forget it, since it only works within the United States due to licensing issues.

Banish iTunes with in:play

Due to the near monopoly on playing the music that you own on your i-device that iTunes has, there aren’t very many music player apps to choose from. However, my mom likes in:play on her iPad2. It has an intuitive interface, which is good, since she’s been a DOS/Windows user since the 80s and this is her first Apple device.

In:play makes my list of the best music apps because of its patented “Deep Context Menu.” This thing is awesome. Tap and hold the artist’s name, and you can quickly browse all songs by that artist. Tap and hold the album title and browse all songs from that album. Or, you can browse artists alphabetically. It’s definitely a bargain for two bucks.

Hopefully, we gave you some great ideas for some of the best music apps out there, to help increase your listening pleasure!