The Best Job Search Apps for Android and iOS


Job search apps for Android and iOS are something that many people will need at one time or another. Taking a look at Google’s Play Store, there are hundreds of apps for job seekers, and some for those looking for local jobs, while others have national databases. There are other apps for job seekers looking to find work internationally. The same can almost be said for the iPhone crowd looking at the iTunes App Store. Some of these are from companies and sites that you’re already familiar with, while others are from companies that aren’t so well known.

Network and Look for Jobs with “LinkedIn”

LinkedIn is an excellent way to network for people in all fields. Talking with others in your field can be beneficial to your career in a variety of ways, from finding out about new technologies and training programs, to finding out about new job openings in your field. The LinkedIn Android and iOS apps lets you take advantage of LinkedIn’s Job Search feature on your Android device. When you find a listing for an open position, you’ll find instructions and links for applying. The interface is intuitive, so it’s easy to use and connects to your already established LinkedIn account.

Jobs from “CareerBuilder” Works with Your Current Account

CareerBuilder is one of the biggest databases of jobs in the United States. Their Jobs app gives you access to that powerful database no matter where you are. Use it to create your account or to access an account you created on the website to search for open jobs in your field of interest, locally or nationally. The app lets you use the same filters as on the website, so you can narrow your search as little or as much as you want. You can also use the app to search for open jobs in your current location, so if you’re traveling and want to know, it’s easy to find out if anyone nearby is hiring.

Take the Power of the “Indeed” Database with You

Indeed is also a huge searchable online database of jobs, both in the US and abroad.The app is available for both Android and iOS and lets you make searches that are as refined or wide as you wish. The front end is simple and easy to use and lets you search for jobs within the U.S., as well as around the world. The app’s location feature can also use GPS to search jobs in your current location.

“Monster” Goes Mobile is one of the biggest and oldest job search engines out there. If not the first, it was one of the first few. This mobile app gives you 24/7 access to their database of available jobs, with all the search features of the website. Access the professional tips and tricks for job seekers. Review the practical resources and get expert advice. Basically, anything you can do on the website can be done in the app. This one is available for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad).

“My Jobs” Lets You Search Multiple Databases

This one gets my vote as the best of the best job search apps for Apple’s iOS.With it you can search and organize job listings from LinkedIn, Simply Hired, and Indeed. Once you make contact with an employer, you can input their contact information, as well as any pertinent details like interviews and the app will give you reminders. There’s also a mapping function to make finding that interview easier.

“Ultimate Job Search” Gives Android Users A Few Options

UltimateJob Search is my pick for the best of the best job search apps for Android. Like “My Jobs,” it lets you search multiple job search databases from a single interface. However, using RSS feeds, you can search a theoretically unlimited number of job search databases from this single interface. The app looks sleek and easy to use and lets you create a list of favorites, email openings, and a search history.

“Job Search” Also Searches Multiple Sites

JobSearch is another one of the job search apps for Android that lets you use a single interface to search multiple job board databases, such as Others include Naukri, Times Jobs, and Dice. After installation, the app prompts you to enter your login credentials for the sites. After that, you can search all the sites with a single search.

Hopefully, you’ll only have to use these job search apps for Android and iOS for a little while, because you’ll have a new job!

Photo Credit: Timothy Brown