4 Best Apps for Saving Money at the Grocery Store

Apps For Saving Money on Groceries

There are plenty of useful things you can do with your smartphone at the grocery store, the most common of which is making grocery lists. However, instead of just using your phone to keep track of what you buy, what if you could use your phone’s apps for saving money on your grocery bill?

Paying full price at the grocery store may seem like something we all just have to do, but with these apps for saving money at the grocery store, shoppers no longer have to fear the checkout lane. From finding the best deals, to digital coupons and money-back programs, there are plenty of apps that can save you money on your weekly grocery spending, and none of them require hours of exhaustive searching through circulars or cutting paper coupons. Simply download these free apps and with a few taps, you’re ready to save some serious cash on your grocery bill.

4 Great Apps For Saving Money on Groceries

While you probably won’t knock hundreds of dollars off your bill (like what you might have seen on reality TV), these apps for saving money can save you several dollars per trip — and are very easy to use.


Pronounced “I-Bought-A” (get it?), this app allows users to pick selected items from a long list of grocery items that include everything from milk to fresh produce that changes weekly.

Once users have selected the items they wish to buy, they can complete small tasks to earn discounts that range from $0.50-$2.00. These tasks are generally very simple, and involve watching a video or reading a fact. Once completed, users can then use the app’s grocery list feature to buy the things they’ve chosen and then, when they get home, simply scan the receipt and the barcode of the item(s) you purchased.

Once your purchases have been confirmed (a process that generally takes only a few minutes), the money you earned is deposited into an account that can then be transferred to your bank (via PayPal) or applied towards a gift card.

Coupon Sherpa

Instead of refunding you money later, this coupon app actually allows you to save money at the register by providing digital versions of print coupons that can be scanned right from your phone at the checkout.

Though, this app can be a little tough to navigate at first (the sheer amount of coupons is a bit overwhelming), using filters to separate offers by store or by type of product will turn any couponing novice into a whiz overnight.

While most of the coupons on Coupon Sherpa are not stackable (you can’t use them for duplicates or with other offers), they don’t expire after one use, so you can use them on multiple trips (as long as the offer is still good).

Grocery Pal

This app doesn’t provide discounts or money back, but instead allows users to import their grocery lists, and then compares the prices of their items between local stores. Then it estimates which store will provide the lowest grocery bill for the items on the list.

While making a list and comparing items can be a bit cumbersome, if you have a lot of grocery stores in the area and aren’t sure which one will give you the most for your money, Grocery Pal is an invaluable tool. This app also allows users to add in-store coupons and deals to loyalty cards. The user interface seems a little antiquated, Supermarket Guru praises the app as “very easy to use” and “excellent for saving money.”

Grocery IQ

This app is the simplest of the bunch, and finds coupons for you based on keywords from your grocery list. The app will recommend brands and coupons based off your grocery list, and will find you the best deal on selected items. While the app doesn’t have internal coupons or deals like others on this list, it will link you to third-party sites with digital coupons and deals that can be loaded on to your supermarkets loyalty card.

There are actually plenty of apps for saving money on other things, as well, and we’ll try to share those with you over the coming weeks.

Photo Credit: Victoria Jaby