Belkin’s iPad Air Keyboard: The Perfect Accessory


The new iPad Air keyboard from Belkin looks to be an excellent accessory for dads and grads that own or will be getting an iPad Air. There are a number of other companies making keyboards for iPads in general and some are even making ones specifically designed for the iPad Air. Out them all, this is the one I would buy if I had an iPad Air. It’s much better and more functional than the external keyboard I have for my Samsung Tab 2 10.1. I’m jealous.

No More Typing on the Onscreen Keyboard

One of the major complaints I hear from owners of tablets, whether iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, is that the onscreen keyboard is clunky and seems like an afterthought. “Oh yeah, we should give them a way to type, don’t you think?” Yeah, but we want it to be something with tactile sensation and feedback.

The Belkin iPad Air keyboard does just that. If you’re used to typing on a laptop keyboard, you’ll feel right at home. If you’re used to typing on a full-sized keyboard, you may miss the numeric keypad, but you’ll be relieved at having a keyboard you can actually feel beneath your fingertips.

The Belkin iPad Air Keyboard Also Serves as a Case

Unlike the tablet keyboard I have, the Belkin QODE Thin Type Keyboard Case for iPad Air doubles as a case for your iPad Air. This means that not only will you have the convenience and comfort of a real keyboard, you’ll have a case to protect your valuable investment as well. Even better, it doubles as a kickstand to support your iPad as you get work done or type out your emails. No more laying your tablet flat on the table and having to lean over to see it clearly.

The device itself is extremely thin at less four millimeters, hence the name “QODE Thin Type.” The case is made of anodized aluminum and comes in either white or dark gray, perfectly matching the colors the iPad Air comes in.

Excellent Design Features Makes It Reliable

As stated above, the new Belkin keyboard is made of strong anodized aluminum, so you’re ensured that your tablet is safe from everyday use and abuse. The thin size helps keep it light, making it easy to slip into a purse or backpack and take with you. The internal battery in the keyboard is said to last up to six months with moderate usage and it will last up to 79 hours with regular use. I’m lucky to get 12 hours out of mine with moderate use.

One of the reasons the battery in this new iPad Air keyboard is able to last so long is what Belkin calls smart sensing technology. This technology turns the keyboard on only when you need it and then turns it off when you don’t. It also has several keys that are function specific to allow you to cut, copy, and past, adjust audio volume, or control the audio player. Siri, the Home button, and screenshot functions also all have their own keys.

Pairing of the keyboard and iPad is one touch via Bluetooth. Charging is accomplished by connecting the included micro-USB adapter to the keyboard and a USB power source. I prefer using an external powered USB hub, since connecting too many devices requiring power directly to the computer can cause problems with the computer’s power supply.

The Belkin QODE Thin Type iPad Air Keyboard Has Few Drawbacks

Although, this keyboard case does protect your iPad Air from the rigors of normal light use and abuse, like most iPad cases on the market, it leaves a little to be desired. The keyboard case I had on my last Android tablet was much better. There’s also the fact that although the keyboard connects to the iPad via Bluetooth, you have to have the iPad plugged into the corresponding cradle in the case for it to power up and operate.