AT&T and Comcast in Atlanta: Who’s Hotter?


Residents of “Hotlanta” looking for the best deal for their home communications services need to check out this battle between two giants of the industry. When it comes down to it, choosing between AT&T and Comcast in Atlanta comes down to analyzing the types of available services, their price plans, and whether or not a cost savings bundle is provided. Let’s take a closer look.

Comcast XFINITY Services abound in Atlanta

Comcast offers a wide range of communications services in Atlanta under its XFINITY brand name. Everything from High Speed Internet (XFINITY Internet) to Home Phone (XFINITY Voice) to Cable TV (XFINITY TV) is available from Comcast XFINITY. A variety of bundles allow you to save a bit of money at the expense of being tied in to a longer term contract — usually from one to two years.

Comcast also offers a Home Automation and security service, known as XFINITY Home, which recently became the latest addition to Comcast’s line of consumer-level services. No matter the needs of your modern, digital home, Comcast can help you stay connected.

Checking Out the Comcast XFINITY Bundles

In Atlanta, Comcast offers two main levels for their bundles, known as XFINITY Double Play and XFINITY Triple Play. If you are only looking for a deal that combines High Speed Internet with Cable TV, the XFINITY Double Play is the way to go. The Starter Double Play comes with Internet service with speeds up to 50 Mbps and 140 Cable TV channels at a price of around $80 per month, guaranteed for one year.

Sports fans need to check out the Preferred Double Play which tacks on 80 additional Cable TV channels to the same service, including the NFL Network and the MLB Network. The monthly price is about $90, which is also guaranteed for one year. If you spend more time on the Internet instead of in front of your TV, check out the Blast Plus bundle, which offers 45 TV channels with the same High Speed Internet service — and free access to one million WiFi hotspots — for about $60 per month.

XFINITY Triple Play bundles add voice service, with nationwide calling, to the Cable TV and High Speed Internet included with the Double Play bundles. Expect to pay at least $20 more per month to add voice service to your bundle: the Starter Triple Play costs less than $100, while the HD Preferred Triple Play runs around $120. A two-year contract is generally part of the Triple Play bundles.

AT&T Service Offerings in Atlanta

AT&T definitely focuses their new Atlanta customer marketing on their bundles. Like Comcast, the company offers a full array of services, including Home Phone, High Speed Internet, and their U-verse digital television service. AT&T separates these offerings into U-verse bundles and DSL bundles.

The U300 TV + Internet Elite + Voice Unlimited bundle includes 360 TV channels, Internet speeds up to 6 Mbps, and phone service with 20 phone features. This bundle retails for less than $110 per month with a two-year contract. One notable difference is the significantly slower Internet speeds compared to those offered by Comcast.

Folks looking for a more inexpensive bundle option need to check out AT&T’s Internet Pro + Voice 200 deal. For a monthly fee starting around $35, you get phone service bundled with Internet service capable of download speeds up to 3 Mbps. You won’t be streaming HD video, but if you are on a budget, it is still a good, low cost choice to get online.

AT&T’s DSL bundles offer more inexpensive options to get users online, albeit with less bandwidth. For just over $50 per month, The DSL Express + All Distance Package offers unlimited long distance and 12 different phone features paired with an up to 1.5 Mbps Internet download speed. A more basic phone service combines with the same Internet access in the DSL Express + Complete Choice Basic package at a monthly price of about $40.

Multiple consumer options exist for both AT&T and Comcast in Atlanta. Comcast offers generally superior Internet speeds and the possibility of Home Automation with their XFINITY Home service. If you are looking to save a bit on your monthly budget, check out AT&T’s bundle packages with slower Internet access but a smaller bill, especially with their DSL bundles.

Photo Credit: Kay Gaensler