Atlantic Broadband Provides Superior Service to the East Coast


Atlantic Broadband is headquartered in Quincy, Mass and provides Cable TV, Phone, and Broadband Internet to customers in select areas along the Eastern Seaboard. States serviced by Atlantic include Massachusetts, South Florida, Western Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and South Carolina. Like many companies in the Cable TV industry, Atlantic BB is owned by another company. This company is Cogeco Cable of Canada. Cogeco is one of the largest providers of broadband Internet and is the 11th-largest provider using a hybrid coaxial-fiber network.

Atlantic Broadband Offers a Wealth of Cable TV Options

When looking at a new provider for Cable TV services, you want one that offers a wealth of options to choose from. Atlantic Broadband, through its and sites, offers choices that range from the number of base channels in your subscription to how many premium channels you have ready and direct access to. Even better, there are no long term contracts to lock you into a specific deal.

The actual packages and pricing that are available to subscribers vary by region and office, so I can only give you a rough idea of what is available. The Atlantic Broadband Aiken South Carolina office is currently running a special called the Digital Value package. With this package, $50 gets you over 100 digital channels, many in HD, plus access to movieplex. This price will go up to about $75 after six months.

For about $65 a month (for the first six months. It goes up to almost $95 then), you can have the Digital Plus package that offers more than 240 channels, many of them in HD. You also have access to premium content from the movieplex, starz, and encore.

Value package subscribers can watch such channels as A&E and A&E HD, ABC Family, AMC, AMC HD, and Cartoon Network. Subscribers to the Digital Plus package receive the same channels that Value pack subscribers get, but with such added networks as BBC America, ESPN Classic, ESPNU, and Military History. Psst! The Atlantic Broadband Miami office is running the same specials that the Atlantic Broadband Aiken office is running.

You Know Boring TV Only on Your Boring TV Isn’t All There Is

Nobody goes for TV service from a Cable or Satellite company that only offers basic or digital channels. People want more for what they pay. That’s why Atlantic Broadband offers perks, or extras with their plans. This includes TiVO, which lets you record up to six shows at one time and it can store up to 1,000 shows. Did you get a text message insisting that you just have to watch a certain Youtube clip? Stream it through your TiVO.

You can even stream your TiVO content to a tablet or phone, using one of the mobile apps that are available. The mobile apps let you stream content from most of the premium channels (HBO, starz, encore, movieplex, etc.), as well as ABC, Fox, and NBC, plus a number of other networks such as Syfy, History, Spike, tbs, and a long list of others to your tablet or mobile phone anywhere in the United States. Some companies let you stream to your mobile device anywhere in the world, but they limit what content/networks you can stream.

Most content delivered by Atlantic Broadband is delivered in HD and in big screen/widescreen format. You’ll have picture quality so clear you’ll be petitioning the NFL to let you ref some games from home. Habla Español? ¡No problema! Atlantic locations like the Atlantic Broadband Aiken and Atlantic Broadband Miami (especially Miami) ofrece su mundo de programas en Español. Atlantic delivers your world in Spanish. Getting your TV service through will leave you well satisfied.

Get Your Internet from Atlantic Broadband Internet Services

What kind of Cable company would this be if they didn’t offer a handful of Internet options? Not a very good one, I must say.). Because of a special they are currently running, their Internet package pricing looks a little screwy. Let me tell you what I mean. Atlantic Broadband Internet offers a low-end (Starter Plus) package that delivers five megabits per second (Mbps) download (to you) and one Mbps upload (sending stuff) for about $43 a month.

However, because of their special 12 month pricing deal, you can bag a 30 Mbps/ 3 Mbps (Express) package from Atlantic BB for only $30 a month, with the price going up to $50 after the 12 month introductory. If 30 Megs isn’t enough bandwidth for you, and believe me, I feel you, how about the $73 a month Unleashed package that delivers 75 Megs down and five megs up? Or, maybe the Peak package for $200 a month (that seems a little steep to me) which delivers a blazing 100 Mbps down and seven up.

If you go with the Starter Plus pack with a five meg download speed, you’ll be able to stream a movie from Netflix while someone else does some basic web surfing. Your Netflix experience will be enjoyable. The 30 meg Express package is enough to stream about five Netflix movies, play a round of Tour of Duty or World of Warcraft, and check email, at one time.

The unleashed package is for those with big families and lots of connected devices. 75 megs of throughput is enough to allow approximately 20 different devices to stream an HD movie from Netflix or Hulu, at the same time. The Peak package is ridiculous. 110 megs is enough to stream about 30-35 HD movies in full 1080p with full surround sound encoding and play a couple games of Warcraft and Tour of Duty all at one time. I use a lot of bandwidth, but I would never need that much.

Riiiiiing! Hey, the Phone’s for You!

Yep. You guessed it. Atlantic Broadband offers digital phone services, also. Customers have two basic phone packages to choose from-Local and Unlimited. Local is just that, the old fashioned Ma Bell local calling, like to the pizza parlor, for free, with domestic long distance calls running ten cents a minute.

If you’re like my family, you have friends and family spread out across the country that you like to call and stay in touch with. The Unlimited plan is for people like us. For about $37 a month, you get unlimited local and domestic long distance calls. Long distance for this plan is categorized as the whole US plus Canada and Puerto Rico.

With Phone service from Atlantic, you get a variety of calling features that you expect with Phone service. These include voicemail with online access, call waiting, Caller ID, call forwarding, custom ring, call screening, and many more.

Bundle Up and Save with Atlantic BB

Everybody in the Cable TV industry allows you to buy your services in one of two ways: Either you can buy them individually, or you can bundle and save money. Most people prefer to bundle and save. Most companies offer anywhere from one to four or five bundles; Atlantic offers two. These are the Double Play and the Triple Play.

The Triple Play comes with all three services included, TV, Phone, and Internet. There are three Triple Play bundles to choose from. The lowest price bundle, the TiVO Starter Plus (at $90 a month) bundles the five meg Starter Plus plan from Atlantic Broadband Internet, more than 160 channels and the Unlimited Phone package.

For about $110 a month, you can get their most popular TiVO Advantage plan which comes with the 30 meg Internet Express package, more than 175 TV channels, and the Unlimited Phone package.

The final Triple Play bundle available is the $150 a month TiVO Premier. With this package you get the 75 Meg Internet plan, more than 225 channels, and the Unlimited Phone package.

The Double Play bundles offer only TV and Internet options and there are three Double Play bundles to choose from. All three bundles have the same name and options as their Triply Play counterparts: TiVO Starter, TiVO Advantage, and TiVO Premier. Each comes with the same TV and Internet options with the only difference being the Double Play packages don’t have Phone service included.

Are you a current or former subscriber to Atlantic Broadband? If so, tell us what you think or thought.