Apple Unveils Apple Watch at Live Event


The Apple Watch, which is Apple’s first major product launch since the iPad over five years ago, was introduced to the media Monday morning at a live event in the Yerba Buena Center in downtown San Francisco. Pre-orders for the Apple Watch will begin on April 10, with a launch of the product on April 24.

The long-awaited price for the Apple Watch comes in between $349 to $399 for the aluminum versions, or $599 to $1,099 for the stainless steel versions. Finally, the gold version comes in at $10,000.

The smart wearable will have a comprehensive fitness companion, which will track daily movement — including if you have been sitting too long.

Apple also claims that the watch will have an 18-hour battery life.

The watch will have different faces and configurations available, including traditional, one that’s devoid of numbers, a Mickey Mouse version or even one with a flower blooming with the time shown on it.