Space Age Technology For Your Closet

Apollo Dress Shirt by Ministry of Supply

I am going to Kennedy Space Center this week (my first time, which is ridiculous, I know). I am super excited because, well, better late than never, right? However, just because I’ve been deprived of a complete and full NASA education thus far in my life doesn’t mean everyone else has been.

Perhaps my parents would have taken me when I was younger if they’d known it would have set me on a path to an engineering degree, rather than one in English Lit. They could have had an astronaut for a daughter (if we still had a thriving manned space program that is).

Engineering has applications closer to home than the moon. Whoever says outer space doesn’t have real life applications is crazy, especially if you enjoy technology. Do you like your satellite television? Like LED lights? Appreciate your cordless power tools? Thank NASA. Thank them for the problems they had to overcome for your comforts and coolness factors.

MIT has also (more recently) revealed real world applications of NASA developments. Using space suit materials, entrepreneurs have created a shirt (a dress shirt no less) that regulates your body temperature.

According to the shirt’s (named Apollo) inventors (Ministry of Supply), the material can draw heat away from a wearer and save it to keep them warm later. The blend is a knit synthetic (and the science, well, it’s a little beyond me).

In addition, the Apollo dress shirt also contains odor-fighting materials as well (in case you still sweat a little). However, the way the air conditioning works (or doesn’t work) in my office, this could be very useful, and lucrative to use in the future. At a proposed $129, it’s a lot of money, but not as expensive as I would have guessed. Also, if you’re dressing up anyway, you’re going to have to spend some money anyway.