AnyMote Makes a Universal Remote Out of Your Smartphone


As we continue to go deeper and deeper into this technological world, we find that all of the convenience we get from digital help, sometimes makes our world cluttered in other ways. For instance, how many remote controls do you have in your living room right now? One for the television? Another for the Cable TV box? A stereo remote? One for your gaming system? How about your DVD player? The people at AnyMote are working to help with that.

AnyMote is a Kickstarter campaign that will allow you to turn your smartphone into a universal remote for whatever you need. You’ll be able to control your TV, computer, stereo, BluRay player, air conditioner and dozens of other things.

Amazingly, AnyMote can talk to and control over 800,000 different devices, including new things, like streaming over-the-top boxes, or old stereos from 15 years ago.