The Angry Birds Store is Only the Beginning

Angry Birds Store

You don’t need to visit the Angry Birds store to see them, you can’t miss these brightly colored creatures as they peer at you from backpacks and T-shirts, pillows and comforters, even coffee mugs and mouse pads have been inundated with these digital creations from Rovio.

The games are played at bus stops, in train stations, on long car rides and at the office. The game has enjoyed more popularity than Tetris or Super Mario. Even if you’ve never played it, you’re probably familiar with the infamous birds and their quest to destroy the egg-stealing, green piggies.

What is “Angry Birds”?

It’s a simple game that has caught on quickly. The objective is to fling Angry Birds at structures under which pigs are huddled, so that the birds can recover their stolen eggs. If you hit the right spot, the structure collapses. If you don’t, the pigs laugh and the level restarts.

Gamers are self-taught, in that there are no instructions to the Angry Birds game, but it takes just a few tries to get the hang of it. As the game progresses, certain specialty birds must be called in to knock objects out of the way. Some birds need to be unlocked by achieving stars, passing levels, or acquiring eggs. As the levels increase, so does the difficulty. The more restarts a player has, the deeper they yearn for a win.

The Angry Birds phenomenon can be attributed to just how simple the game play is. The game reinforces addictive behavior from the start by loading within just a few seconds. Each level taking just under a minute to play. The game is addictive and those who have stopped playing abruptly have reported (possibly fake) withdrawal symptoms, such as Twitchy Finger and Irritable Beak Syndrome.

Where Are Angry Birds Stores?

Angry Birds are everywhere. They live in Helsinki, where the first Angry Birds store was opened. They live in board games released by Mattel, and they are multiplying, as tens of millions of Angry Bird action figures have been sold. Their online store might be your best bet.

They have been used for political satire and friendly heckling between baseball teams. The Milwaukee Brewers played the Angry Birds theme song just before their matchup with the St. Louis Cardinals, a point of hilarity among those who knew that one of the former St. Louis Cardinals managers had a tendency to “bean” players on the opposing team.

Big Screen, Little Screen, All Around the Town

These strange little birds have even made their way into Hollywood, where they have been referenced on-screen by numerous television personalities. Their popularity has even spawned a 3D movie to be released in 2016 by producer John Cohen, who produced the highly popular movie, “Despicable Me.”

The game has also inspired a cartoon by the same name, with each episode running between two and three minutes. In the first season, there are 52 episodes, but unlike many popular cartoons, Rovio has not released them in a standard way. Instead of being aired on national cartoon networks or sandwiched between popular kids’ shows, Angry Birds Toons are available to anyone who owns an Angry Birds app or game and on their website.

Rights are currently owned by Comcast, Roku and a handful of international, and online TV stations. Rovio lists their supporting channels on the Angry Birds Toons website, or you can access them through the Angry Birds games themselves.


In 2012, Bad Piggies, a spinoff of the original game, was released on iOS, Android, PC and Mac platforms. It is played from the pig’s perspective and allows you to build intricate devices that aid the pigs on their escape from the birds. While many players find the spinoff to be entertaining, many find it not nearly as addicting as the original, or the special editions.

New Releases

Not only can gamers expect to find level upon level of flinging fun with current gaming episodes, but new ones as well. The holidays seem to be the general time for new releases and this year is no exception. Gamers should be on the lookout for “Angry Birds Star Wars 2,” slated for release on September 19th, 2013.

Previous releases include “Seasons,” “Rio,” “Space,” and “Star Wars.” Each game offers unique game play experiences and increasingly challenging levels.

Angry Birds has become the world’s favorite pastime since its release in 2009 by Rovio. What started out as a simple game quickly became the most successful mobile app. Since it’s release, the game and it’s special editions, have enjoyed nearly two billion downloads across numerous platforms.

Apple’s App store was the first to host this unique game, but now it can be purchased for almost any gaming platform including PC, Xbox and Wii. And the Angry Birds store is full of plush toys to play with when you’re not on your phone!

Photo Credit: HugoVK