Angry Birds Store Offers Games, More

Angry Birds Store

The Angry Birds Store has the latest installments in the popular Angry Birds series, including Angry Birds Star Wars and Bad Piggies. In addition to the newest versions of the game, the online store also has a wide variety of Angry Birds themed merchandise for fans of the game.

Examples of Angry Birds themed merchandise available at the official Angry Birds Store include plush toys, apparel, and accessories, such as magnets, lunch boxes, and even Christmas stockings.

History of the Angry Birds

The Angry Birds games first appeared as an app for products that used the Apple iOS in 2009, and quickly spread to other platforms such as Android based smartphones, video game consoles and PCs. When all the platforms are combined, some form of the game has been downloaded over 1.7 billion times, and the popularity of the game and its characters seems to just keep growing. Many versions of the game are available online for free, or a low cost, which has helped to spur the popularity of the game.

In March of 2013, a cartoon series based on the game, Angry Birds Toons, was released. The cartoons feature many of the popular characters from the game, including the specific Angry Birds such Red, Chuck, Bomb, Blues, Terence and Matilda, as well as the bad piggies. The episodes can be viewed on several traditional Cable TV networks, such as the Cartoon Network and Xfinity, as well as online.

In addition to the games, cartoons, and other themed products, the Angry Birds franchise has become so popular among its many fans and devotees of all ages that there is even a series of soft drinks based on the game, as well as a planned animated Angry Birds 3D film that will feature characters and other elements from the game. The expected release date for the film is July 1, 2016. The film will be made by the original creators of the game, Rovio Entertainment, and will be distributed by Sony Pictures.

Basic Angry Birds Game Play

While the game continues to evolve with more detailed gadgets and structures, the premise of the games remains the same. The villains of the game, the evil pigs, seek to steal and hoard all the birds’ eggs, which makes them angry — and who can blame them for being angry?

Players then typically guide a gadget, usually a sling shot, to launch the angry birds towards their targets, the pigs and the pig fortresses, in order to destroy the pigs and free the eggs. The game uses colorful, simple graphics, and fun, cartoon-like, animation and sound effects and music throughout the play of the game, which all add to the appeal. The very survival of the Angry Birds is at stake, and it’s very easy for players to get caught up in launching the birds at the pigs.

Through each level of play, the patterns and structures that must be destroyed to free the eggs and eliminate the pigs becomes more complicated. Figuring out the correct angle to aim the birds, as well as how much tension to use so that the most pigs can be destroyed is somewhat like a puzzle.

The game builds skills such as eye hand coordination, as well as intuitively introduces players to basic math concepts, such as geometry and trajectory. While the game is recommended for players ages 4 and up, since the levels increase in difficulty, the game has players of all ages, and most find the game quite addictive.

Newest Versions of the Angry Birds Game

The Angry Birds Star Wars edition of the game combines elements of two popular franchises, Angry Birds and Star Wars. In this edition of the game, the Angry Birds assume the role of the rebels and the Piggies belong to the evil empire from Star Wars. While progressing through the levels of this game, players get to enjoy the iconic music from the Star Wars movies and the Angry Birds are now endowed with Star Wars themed powers and abilities, and use Star Wars props to defeat the pigs.

A spinoff of Angry Birds, Bad Piggies, is the first game in the series to be presented from the side of the pigs. In this game, the players are trying to defeat those rebellious, Angry Birds, by building a series of ships and machine structures to help the pigs get to all the eggs so that the pigs can gather and keep all the eggs for the Empire. The pigs also have access to special Star Wars themed powers and special effects in the popular spinoff.

Whether a fan is looking for the latest game, or just Angry Birds themed products to buy for a loved one, the Angry Birds store is a one stop resource for anyone that is looking for the latest Angry Birds related games, clothing, books, and more.

Photo Credit: Vernieman