Android Apps for TV From TV Networks

Android Apps For TV

There are Android apps for TV from almost every TV network out there. Whether you want to keep up with Criminal Minds, your TNT dramas, motorsports news, or anything else, there’s a network app out there to help you do just that. Even better, if you want really fair and unbiased reporting of news and current events, there are apps from a number of international networks that will give you a more factual feel for the news and current events of the day than many U.S. outlets will.

ABC Network - Android Apps for TV

ABC News

The ABC network has a TV on Android app, but only for people that want to keep abreast with ABC’s take on the news and current events. They have apps for specific ABC network shows, but nothing for the network as a whole. The ABC News app lets you watch ABC News broadcasts and feeds while on the go with your Android device, but only from a list of select participating stations.

CBS News and CBS Sports

CBS is another major American network that doesn’t have an app to give viewers access to all of their programming. However, they do have Android apps for TV that let viewers watch news and read about sports news on CBS Sports.

The other app from CBS is another news only app, CBS News. Watchers will get late-breaking news and top stories. Users will also have access to on-demand video from the CBS national news team. You can also share news and videos with your social network through Twitter.


TNT likes to say “TNT knows drama.” However, TNT has taken every bit of the drama out of watching your favorite TNT (and TBS) shows while you’re on the go with your Android device. The TNT Android app gives you FULL access to full episodes of TNT series, clips, and behind the scenes videos. You can also interact socially, via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Even better, if you’re interrupted partway through an episode of your favorite TNT Drama by something like a pesky meeting, the app lets you pick up where you left off.

NBC Network - Android Apps for TV

NBC Android App

NBC is the only major American network that has created an app to give viewers access to every bit of NBC programming. You’ll get the full gamut of action with this TV for android app, including news, full episodes of your favorite NBC shows for free, behind-the-scenes action from your favorite shows, and quite a bit more. There are certain restrictions, show availability is subject to change, and the app doesn’t yet work on every Android device (like mine).

The Official SPEED Channel App

Race fans, start your engines! If you love motorsports, this app is a must. The SPEED Channel’s Android app gives you access to everything you love about SPEED TV. You’ll be able to browse race results from every racing series. When SPEED broadcasts a race, you’ll be able to watch it.

You’ll also have access to all your favorite roundtables, discussions, and interviews. You’ll be able to watch most, if not all, of your favorite SPEED Channel programs like “Pinks,” “Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain,” and NASCAR Race Day, to name but a few.
HBO GO - Android Apps for TV


Home Box Office is America’s oldest premium TV network. The HBO Android app gives you complete access to HBO’s video content on your mobile device. Watch full episodes of your favorite series, take in sporting events, watch behind the scenes videos, and a plethora of other goodies on the HBO Android app.

ABC-Australian Broadcasting Company

This is another in my arsenal of apps that gives me access to unfiltered and unbiased news reporting. I can also see what the Aussies are watching and listening to. With the ABC app from the Australian Broadcasting Company, I can get leading opinions and analysis of the day’s events from a variety of sources.

Yes, I sometimes have to sit and listen to quite a bit of local news that doesn’t interest me, but I find the Aussie take on international events invaluable.

This is just a very small listing of the TV for Android app lineup that’s available. For more, take a look at the Google Play Store.