An Education on Verizon Phones

Verizon Phones

Verizon phones operate on a vast mobile network that provides wireless voice and wireless messaging, as well as data products, to customers across the U.S. As of the beginning of 2012, Verizon Wireless has achieved the status of being the major provider of wireless communication services all over the U.S. with a subscription list of almost 110 million users.

Veritas Horizon?

The brand name Verizon incorporates two words, the Latin Veritas meaning “truth” and the English word “horizon.” Together, these words are presumed to invoke images of leadership, certainty, reliability and endless possibilities. Verizon Wireless has its roots in NYNEX, Bell Atlantic Mobile, AirTouch, PrimeCo as also GTE Mobilnet. In 1995, Bell Atlantic Mobile merged with NYNEX to form Bell Atlantic – NYNEX Mobile. Bell Atlantic Mobile and NYNEX originated from Advanced Mobile Phone Service, Inc., a subsidiary of AT&T, established in 1978 with the aim of providing a nationwide cellular service.

Where Did It All Start?

Verizon phones has its headquarters in Basking Ridge, N.J. It is actually a joint venture company, partnered with Vodafone of U.K, a multinational mobile phone network, with Verizon holding 55-percent ownership, while Vodafone holds 45-percent. Within six months, this joint venture was granted regulatory approval, beginning operations in April, 2000, in the name of Verizon Wireless. This is a major carrier of CDMA technology in the U.S. These phones support the three CDMA generations viz., IS-95, 1x, as also EV-DO.

The very latest in the series of Verizon mobile networks is 4G LTE, bringing Verizon phones to very high levels of efficiency. LTE, in fact, remains a GSM-variant service that was introduced in December, 2010, in as much as 38 cities. Initially, 4G LTE mobile service was meant only for a broadband data option. These phones compatible with 4G LTE came out in early 2011. Now Verizon Wireless or just VZW has turned out to be the most prominent cell phone carrier in the country. By 2011, its subscriber list exceeds 100 million using these phones in CDMA 3G as also LTE 4G, the latter being made use of to achieve High Speed Internet connections on Verizon phones, mobile computers or tablets. In fact, LTE 4G enables appreciably faster, as well as more reliable data downloads on these devices.

VZW spends billions of dollars to maintain and also to expand its CDMA network. From its “Media Center,” Verizon Wireless provides voice and 3G data services like wireless broadband in EV-DO Rev A mode, text as well as picture messaging, and downloadable over-the-air content and applications. Also available are Video-on-Demand with V-CAST that lets subscribers download and watch video content, Push-to-Talk and services based on specific locations.

In June, 2007, the company completed the revamping of its whole EV-DO network to the more efficient EV-DO Rev. A. Thus it became possible for the use of PC Cards. Now, certain phones are capable of download speeds of an incredible 3.1 Mbit per second and upload speeds of 1.8 Mbit per second. However, the real speeds can vary owing to several factors, although, subscribers can gain speeds around 1 Mbit per second for downloads, and 500 kbit per second for uploads.

On November 27, 2007, Verizon Wireless declared their plans to let all mobile phones incorporating CDMA technology to use their network, effectively making them Verizon phones. Subscribers using such phones are allowed to resort to any application they choose. With Get-It-Now, Verizon has applied a GPS navigation software named VZ Navigator which functions like a standalone GPS system, enabling subscribers to locate businesses in their immediate vicinity, by searching business names or categoryies. By entering addresses, users can get turn-by-turn directions to where they want to go. Get-It-Now also sports V CAST, that allows high-speed audio, video-on-demand, as well as an efficient system that delivers entertainment.

From Wireless to Your Home

Verizon Wireless also offers what is termed Home Phone Service. With this facility, people can call family members and close friends with considerable ease. The plan allows unlimited calling to the U.S, Puerto Rico, and Canada. The service is flexible offering control, privacy, convenience and value.

One can get all this on a fixed monthly fee, irrespective of the number of calls the users make. In this context, the most attractive of all Verizon phones features remains the rates. It is not necessary to shell out a lot of cash in order to subscribe to an unlimited calling plan that is loaded with exciting calling features. For example, the FiOS Digital Voice as well as Verizon Freedom Essentials plans offer unlimited Verizon phones services all over the U.S, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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