An Apple Watch Feature You May Not Be Aware of


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This Apple Watch feature may be enough to tip the balance for many people who were undecided about buying one right now. I’m not a huge fan of most Apple products, but even I have to admit that Apple at least hit a base-clearing triple with it. It looks good and from most reports, feels really good on the wrist and has a pretty impressive array of features. Let’s take a look at some of these features and then we’ll discuss this one feature that may convince you to buy now.

There’s an Apple Watch Seemingly for Everybody

Apple has three models of the Apple Watch available. One is the “basic” Apple Watch in stainless steel or black stainless steel with a variety of band selections and a Sapphire crystal. This is like an everyday “wear it to work and maybe dinner” timepiece. The Apple Watch Sport is just that-a sport watch. The bezel on these is anodized aluminum in silver or a “space gray” color with a wide selection of colorful bands and a strengthened X-Ion crystal. Finally, we have the Apple Watch Edition with 18-kt gold cases in yellow or rose and a Sapphire crystal. It too comes with a variety of bands. The main difference is that the Watch Edition is a watch that can be worn out to dinner, but with an average price of around $10k, it’s more suited for the Four Seasons than it is for Applebee’s.

The Apple Watch Feature Set Is Impressive

Although I’m not a huge fan of Apple products, mostly because of how much more they cost than competing products, but I have to admit that all three models of the Watch are impressive both as timepieces and as pieces of technology. We’ve got several articles posted already about the Apple Watch feature set, and although we’ve still only started scratching the surface of what it can do, I’m only going to highlight a few of them here.

Before the Apple Watch came out, we had quite a few ways to communicate with each via our cells. We could simply place a call, or use one of a seemingly endless array of messaging apps. However, the Watch gives us a few new and interesting ways to communicate with our circle of friends. It’s also an impressive health and fitness monitor to help you keep track of your fitness goals. You can also get maps and interact with Siri from the Watch. You can even write or draw love notes with your finger to each other, right on the watch face.

This Apple Watch Feature Brings Security to Your Wrist has come out with an Apple Watch app that makes the watch part of your home security system. Imagine getting security notifications from your compatible alarm/home automation system-on your watch. Be nonchalant and check your home security with a couple taps and a glance at the watch.

Picture this: You’re on the subway heading to work and it hits you: “I forgot to turn off the AC and set the alarm.” Now, all you have to do to verify and rectify this is tap and swipe your watch a couple of times to restore peace of mind.

Everything You Can Do from Your Phone or Tablet on the Watch

The app interacts with your security and home automation system through your phone’s Internet connection to give you basically complete control over the system. You can use the app to review security video footage, live or recorded, from home. If family arrives before you get home to let them in, they can give you a shout and you can use the app on the watch to unlock the door and disarm the system so they don’t have to wait outside for you to get home.

Review Push Notifications on Your Watch

You’ve got your system set up to notify you when the kids get home from school. However, you’re in a meeting when that happens and can’t just pull your phone out to review the push notification. The app will notify you on your watch so all you have to do is quickly glance at your watch to check. Any push notifications that you have set the system up to send can be checked from your watch. You can even use the app to scroll through your system logs to see if maybe you want to set other notifications up.

“Glances” – A Unique Apple Watch Feature has had an iOS app that does the things mentioned above for a while now. “Glances” is an app extension that is new and unique for the Watch. With nothing more than a swipe, you can get a complete overview of system status at a glance. You can quickly see the status of any connected device or system at your house without having to open the app and scroll through pages. This includes lights, door locks, the garage door, even your energy distribution system (for solar systems only).

Let me know in the comments section below what you think. Is this new Apple Watch feature enough to convince you to buy one?