Amazon Pays More Than $1 Billion for Twitch


As Amazon, Netflix and YouTube continue to battle for all viewers, the race to get the most young viewers is certainly the most important. Young viewers could represent an audience that grows into older viewers with engrained habits. Amazon will pay over $1 billion for the video-game streaming site, which will help them push past both Netflix and YouTube. reports that a source said Google was initially trying to acquire Twitch, but the deal fell through, and Amazon swooped in. hosts videos of video gamers making and talking about the games they play, and they report that one million gamers record themselves playing video games on the site, and over 50 million unique viewers watched and commented on those videos in the month of July alone.

We’ll see if Amazon eventually works this channel into their Amazon Fire TV set-top box, but it stands to reason it will, as that box is definitely more gamer friendly than Roku or Apple TV, its biggest competitors in that arena.