Amazon Fire Phone: Pros and Cons of Amazon’s New Smartphone


Thinking about getting a new Amazon Fire Phone? Curious about Amazon’s first smartphone? Wonder no more! Digital Landing has you covered! In this article we’ll discusses the pros and cons of using the Amazon Fire smartphone. Now you can satisfy your curiosity and also make a more informed buying decision!

Pros of Using the New Amazon Fire Phone

The Fire Smartphone is full of unique features that are exclusively available on this phone alone. Most of these features are easy to use, so they are included in the following “pro” list.

Tired of typing, well, anything? With the Fire’s new Firefly technology you no longer have to type. Just push and hold the Firefly button and you can instantly scan identify, copy and save text from anywhere, be it a website, or a poster you see as you are walking down the street. This same feature allows you to identify movies and songs, scan Bar and QR Codes, and recognize over 100 million items and find out their details, add them to wish lists, and even order them straight from your phone. Shopping has never been as fun and easy, and this may well be the phone’s most useful feature.

Tired of tapping and swiping to get to menus and otherwise navigate and use your smartphone? The Fire smartphone is the first to come up with a new way to use and access the features of your smartphone. The unit’s Dynamic perspective allows users to control their phone by moving their head. Now, you can peer past edges and corners to see photos that continue past the screen, get a better look at clothing and other objects you might shop for online, find more detail when looking at maps and even gain an advantage when playing certain video games made exclusively for the Fire smartphone. The unit has four micro sensors at each corner that tell the unit where your head or wrist is in relation to the unit. Just tilt the unit, or move your head from side to side, to fully control the phone.

Amazon’s new phone makes it easy to get help. If you’ve used Amazon’s Kindle Fire, you are already familiar with Amazon’s “Mayday” feature. This feature allows users to be instantly connected with Amazon Tech Support at any time of the day, night, weekend or holiday. Using Mayday, you will be able to video chat with their tech support, so that you can ensure that you get all of your questions answered the first time that you call. Another cool aspect to this type of help is that while you can see the technician, they can’t see you.

The Fire makes it easy to migrate your contacts list and photos from your other smartphones. In addition to offering endless cloud storage for all of your Fire photos and other Amazon content, it offers 5 GB for everything else, including photos and videos you migrate from your other phone.

The Fire’s camera is fairly impressive, boasting 13 MP and the ability to record in 1080P from the lens in both the front and back of the unit. The Fire’s camera also has a host of features found on larger, standalone cameras, such as optical image stabilization, full panoramas, and the ability to shoot multiple frames at the rate of three images a second at one touch of the dedicated camera button.

Most users say that the buttons and controls are easy to work, and they are able to fully control the unit with one hand, as Amazon had promised.

Compatible covers for the phone are offered by Amazon, and they come in five colors: Black, Cayenne Red, Citron Yellow, Blue and Royal Purple. The actual unit itself only comes in black.

For a limited time, you can get an annual Amazon Prime membership for free when you buy the phone. If you are already an Amazon Prime customer, your membership will be extended for an additional year at no charge.

The phone comes in two storage sizes: 32G and 64G.

Cons Associated With Using the New Amazon Fire Phone

There are some drawbacks associated with using the Amazon Fire Phone, which are discussed in the list below.

If you do choose the Fire smartphone, you are stuck with the choice of only one carrier: AT&T.

The phone comes with the hefty price tag of $649 if you don’t select a contract at the time of purchase. With a contract, this drops the price down to $199.

Some users find that the phone feels a bit heavy, and thick and describe it as “clunky.” The actual unit weighs in at 160 grams, heavier than both the HTC One, which weighs 143 grams, and the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is the lightest at 130 grams.

Other users have complained that using the Peek feature to peer around items and corners in some games really doesn’t work.

A very small number of users have complained that peeking and otherwise moving around in an application, such as maps, when using the phone’s Dynamic Perspective has caused them to experience light flashes, nausea and dizziness, almost as though they are motion sick.

What do you think about the features of the Amazon Fire Phone? Are the new Firefly, Dynamic Perspective and Mayday features enough to get you switch phones? Let us know in the comments section below if you’ve tried this new smartphone, and whether or not it lived up to your expectations.

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Photo Credit: ChrisF608