After Moving, Bundling Services is the Smart Play


When it comes time to relocate, you get a great chance to take stock of your current Internet, Home Phone, and Digital TV services. Since pretty much all the companies in this sector want your business after moving, expect great deals on their services to be plentiful. In most cases, bundling these digital services gives you the best opportunity for significant cost savings.

As always with bundles, you need to pay close attention to the fine print. Will you get stuck with a two-year contract term that comes with a large termination fee? No matter the details, bundles give you a great way to save money and maybe earn a reward or two.

Let’s take a closer look at some bundle packages offered by the top companies in the industry. If you need any additional moving advice, be sure to check out our easy to follow Moving Guide. Additionally, you can find out about the great bundle opportunities in your area; just enter your new address on our Deals page.

Comcast XFINITY Bundles Touch All the Bases

Comcast, with their XFINITY brand for their digital services, likes to use a baseball metaphor for their bundle packages. If the company offers service in your new area, the XFINITY Triple Play and XFINITY Double Play may pique your interest. The Triple Play bundle combines XFINITY TV, XFINITY Internet, and XFINITY Voice (their Home Phone service) all under one bill at a significant discount compared to getting the products from different vendors.

Not surprisingly, the XFINITY Double Play package combines any two of the three digital services. A deal like this makes sense if you are a big DirecTV fan, but still want to bundle your Home Phone and Internet services.

Comcast also sweetens the XFINITY packages by adding in-home WiFi to their Internet service, and a free Skype-like app with XFINITY Voice that offers free video chat using your mobile device. XFINITY TV also offers additional interactive features, like immediate on-demand access to 100 of the most popular TV programs.

AT&T Bundles With and Without U-verse

While AT&T’s U-verse Digital TV service is very popular, it isn’t available in many locations. Because of this, AT&T offers bundles both with and without U-verse. Once again, if you love your DirecTV service, you can bundle your Internet and Home Phone using one of the AT&T bundles that doesn’t include U-verse.

AT&T also ramps up the variety on their packages with different options for Internet speed and the number of television channels through U-verse. As an additional sweeter, they also offer anywhere from $150 to $200 in reward cards in an attempt to earn your business after moving. Ultimately, you can build your own bundle to tailor it specifically to the needs in your new location, and whether or not you can get U-verse.

One other interesting perk when taking advantage of an AT&T bundle includes access to the company’s Wi-Fi hot spot network available nationwide. This is definitely a nice benefit for either your business or leisure time travels.

What About Satellite TV Bundles?

Not wanting to be left out of the bundle game, both DirecTV and Dish Network offer their own service bundles. The catch is that both companies partner with other providers for Internet and Home Phone service. Note that Dish Network leverages their own DishNET service for Internet bundles, but its speeds are limited to 10 Mbps, and the bandwidth isn’t as reliable as with other methods of Internet delivery.

While you are able to gain some cost savings with a bundle from a Satellite TV provider, you will probably have to deal with another contact for customer support and billing questions. Still, if you are a fan of your Satellite TV service and it is available at your new home, these kinds of bundles still earn you some cost savings.

There’s no denying that bundles are the best way to save some money when getting Internet, Home Phone, and Digital TV after moving. In the case of AT&T’s bundles, there may be a reward card in your future as well. As always, make sure you read the fine print and remain aware of any contract requirements and termination fees that come into play if you decide to change service providers.