Aereo hopes to partner up with ISPs, TV Providers

Aereo hopes to partner up with ISPs, TV Providers

Aereo,  a company that enables its users to watch live TV broadcasts online, is in partnership talks with various TV providers and Internet service providers, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The streaming TV startup is reportedly talking with companies like AT&T, Dish and DirecTV about a possible partnership. While Dish Network appears to be considering them the most, there are still issues surrounding some legal battles that Aereo faces with network broadcasters.

Aereo - Watch Real, Live TV on the Internet. Finally.

Aereo’s service lets users rent out a micro-antenna, that’s small enough to fit on the tip of a finger, that sits in a server farm, and live streams local HD content to your mobile device or a DVR, so users can watch it later.

The thought is that Dish Network would like to connect with the younger demographic that online streaming services like Aereo attracts. It’s possible that smaller television packages, paired with Aereo’s online streaming service, would market well toward younger viewers.

Aereo spokesperson Virginia Lam told that the company actively seeks partners in content, devices or distribution. “Aereo is interested in creating partnerships that provide flexibility and more choice for the consumer. It’s not news that we’ve been in engaged discussions with potential partners, whether it’s content, device or distribution-related, and it’s something we’ll continue to explore. The bottom line is, we’re interested in partnerships that increase value to the consumer and enhance their overall experience.”

The Aereo micro-antenna is the size of a dime.
The Aereo micro-antenna is the size of a dime.

In January, Aereo released plans to bring its service to 22 new markets to join New York City, which was the area it had been exclusively available before.

Some of the cities expected to get the service this spring, include: Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Birmingham, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, Madison (Wisc.), Miami, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Providence (R.I.), Raleigh-Durham, Salt Lake City, Tampa and Washington, D.C.